SunJack Waterproof Lightstick Review and Giveaway

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I am always on the lookout for good backup lighting and when I found out the SunJack Waterproof Lightstick can also charge devices, I was even more interested.  It is made by the makers of the SunJack Solar Charger which I have previously reviewed. 


The box comes with:

  • SunJack® LightStick
  • Mini-USB cable
  • 2 Lanyards
  • User manual
SunJack Lightstick charging indicator lights
SunJack Lightstick charging indicator lights

The first thing I did after examining the items was to charge the lightstick.  Using the mini-USB cable that came with it, I connected it to my plug and charged it.  The indicator lights on the lightstick flash while it is charging and stops flashing when it is fully charged.  It took about four hours to charge.

SunJack LightStick at dim setting
SunJack LightStick at dim setting

The light itself has 3 brightness settings:  dim, normal and bright along with an emergency blinking strobe.  Even at the dim setting, it gave a sufficient amount of light.  It is not a flashlight with a focused beam; it illuminates a wide area, and is more like a lantern.  The light is also waterproof if you take it to a lake or pond, up to six foot in depth.  I like that feature – if it happens to rain while you take it camping with you, you don’t have to worry about the light shorting out.  The two lanyards provided allows you to hang the Lightstick vertically or horizontally across two hooks.

I should mention the batteries are not replaceable.  However, the typical battery life is 500-1000 recharge cycles, at this rate, even if you use and recharge every other day the battery should last over 4 years.

Next, I connected my cell phone to the light stick to see if it would actually charge it.  It worked, and within a couple of hours, my phone was fully charged.

I think the SunJack Lightstick makes is a great emergency light for your home as well as your car survival kit.  It would also be a good camping or hiking light.

Now for the giveaway…

One lucky winner will be chosen via a random drawing to win a SunJack Lightstick, courtesy of SunJack.  To enter, just leave a comment below regarding:
On a scale of 1 to 5, how prepared are you for a power outage lasting several hours?  What backup lighting do you have?
The winner* will be chosen at a random “Pick a Giveaway Winner” drawing on Saturday, May 2nd at 8 pm Central.

*Winners will be notified via email. 

*Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.  THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.

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  1. On a scale of 1-5 for an extended power outage, we are a 5. Multiple flashlights backup batteries and candles for lighting. We have been looking at the Sunjack to add to our supplies.

  2. On the scale, we would probably be a 2, candles and several flashlights with plenty of batteries. That would cover lighting, but leaves a huge gap for everything from devices to refrigeration. This giveaway would help!

  3. I would say about a 4. We have candles, lanterns, flashlights and extra batteries. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  4. I’d say I am a 2 as well. Have plenty of flashlights,candles,glow sticks and even an old Coleman gas lantern. But I don’t have a generator to keep the fridge running. I’ve looked into solar but it is expensive and I rent.

  5. I’d have to go with a 3. Power outages happen every year here so it’s old hat now. Assuming we just need to sit tight, there’s no problem.

  6. 2 – We have several oils lamps, But I worry about starting a fire with them. We do have a solar charged flashlight, but it isn’t strong enough to light a room.

  7. I feel very prepared for a power outage that lasts for several hours. For lighting, we have flashlights with extra batteries, a LUCI solar powered lantern, and candles.

  8. I’d say we are at a 5. We have multiple types of flashlights with extra batteries, handcrank flashlights, candles, oil lanterns with plenty of oil, and UV Paqlite products.

  9. we are probably at a 5 with powerful flashlights, batteries and more batteries, crank flashlights and solar yard lights which I have brought indoors when we were without power b4.

  10. I am a 5. Solar lanterns, hand crank lantern, light sticks, numerous flashlights/batteries and a ton of candles.<—awesome garage sale find!

  11. Zero. Yes we have lanterns, flashlights, and all that. But, the reality is that one can never have too many lights, because your need for light when it suddenly goes dark grows incrementally the longer you have to wait through a power outage.

  12. Hi! Just found you recently and am enjoying your blog! I am a 5 in preparedness for no electricity. I have flashlights, battery operated lanterns and oil lamps, candles and extra batteries, also have outdoor solar lights that I can bring in. Have lost electricity numerous times in bad weather as I live in the country! Can never have to much back up for lighting, tho!

  13. Rating of a 4…Headlamps,flaslights,laterns.Several solar powered yard lights.2 solar powered battery chargers.Plenty of candles and a few chem lights.

  14. 4/5, We have flashlights, backup batteries, and kerosene lamps with extra karosene. So short term we would be fine but anything long term would be quite a bit harder.

  15. On a scale of 1 to 5, we rank 5. We have plenty of flashlights, candles, and a generator in the event of a power outage.

  16. I think my wife and I would rank at about 2.5. We have flash-lights (solar-powered ones & also extra batteries), candles, and glow-sticks, but nothing like a generator or oil lamps. We get by pretty well though.

  17. I’m prepared at about a 2-3. We have plenty of candles, one back up flashlight that stays plugged in to the wall (comes on automatically when the room is dark) and a wind up flashlight.

  18. On a scale from 1-5, my husband are at about a 3. We have candles, flashlights and batteries, and a few yard solar lights.

  19. I am about a 2-3. We have flashlights scattered around the house and some batteries. Have some candles . Pretty disorganized.

  20. I give myself a 3. I have smelly candles, lighters, waterproof matches, a dinky light keychain on my bag, and a small flashlight with no batteries.

  21. 4/5 – multiple LED flashlights. Almost 200 Eneloop AA/AAA batteries, 700W power source with integral inverter for AC and USB charging.

  22. Never seen the product you reviewed! Will be checking in to it, however. Just found your FB page today. Looking forward to gleaning from your posts. I’d say we’re easily a 4, but that may be being generous. Our items are staggered. Thanks for the heads up on a critical essential!

  23. A couple hours, no problem, a couple days, not a big deal mostly inconvenient, a couple weeks might be a problematic, a couple months will be hurtful.

  24. Is put us at a 3. We have a lot oil lamps, with fuel, and about 10 of the glass church candles. All our flashlights are always out of batteries. Our solar battery charger got left out in the rain and doesn’t work. I don’t have Coleman fuel but I have 2 lanterns -with mantles! So we’re all over the place.

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