March 24, 2020

Money Mondays: Assemble Your Own Zika Prevention Kit

This post is by Bernie Carr,  There is a lot of concern about the Zika virus in Texas, since the first Zika virus death occurred.  A few days ago I got an email from my employer about Zika prevention and it included a flyer from a supplier selling Zika prevention kits. I thought the pre-made kits were on the pricey side so I decided to write about assembling your own. What items should be in a Zika prevention kit? […]

Beware the Painful New Disease from the Caribbean

This post is by Bernie Carr, Have you heard of the new “chikungunya” virus that comes from the Caribbean?  Cases have now been found in Florida and from what I’ve heard, the disease is quite debilitating. What is it? Chikungunya literally means “contorted with pain” because the virus causes arthritis like joint pain.  Other symptoms include headache, fever and rash. The good news: It is not fatal. Also, once you catch it, you won’t catch it again. The bad […]

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