May 17, 2020

How to Keep Your Plants Alive When You Move

  Editor’s note:  During my last move, all my plants wilted in the Houston heat and humidity.  One of these plants had been with me for 11 years.  I had to start over after I got settled in.  Today’s article gives a lot of good tips to avoid killing your plants at your next move. The Ultimate Survival Guide to Transporting Plants in Your Car You are finally moving out of your old place and looking ahead to new beginnings. […]

Money Mondays: Moving Tips for Apartment Preppers

For most renters, moving to another place to live is not only a big ordeal, it can also be costly.  Since it is an inevitable part of an apartment dweller’s life, we might as well find a few ways to make it easier and less painful on the pocketbook. Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years. […]

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