Money Mondays: Moving Tips for Apartment Preppers

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

For most renters, moving to another place to live is not only a big ordeal, it can also be costly.  Since it is an inevitable part of an apartment dweller’s life, we might as well find a few ways to make it easier and less painful on the pocketbook.

Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years:


Pare down your belongings as soon as you know you are moving.  When you are moving, it is even more imperative to get rid of items you no longer want.  You can make some extra cash or help out by donating them.

Check your supplies

I advise my readers to go through emergency supplies once a year to find things that break, leak or no longer in working order.   Since you are moving, you might as well go through and see what you have before you spend time and money packing them.  Check expiration dates, knowing that some items are still useable well past the date.

Save money

Save money on bubble wrap by using your linen, sheets and even clothes to pack fragile items.  At my last move, I used all my t-shirts, sweatshirts and sheets to pack my dishes and other fragile items.

Find free boxes at Costco, donation centers, your workplace mailroom etc.  Ask for permission before picking up.

5-gallon buckets with handles are a great way to transport emergency supplies.  You might even be able to get them for free.

If you are not in a big hurry, compare prices for moving supplies among at least three stores to get the best deal.  I checked a home improvement store, Amazon, and a storage/truck rental company to compare prices on various items.

Group related items together

Mover’s stretch wrap is your friend.   Because it is self-sticking, you do not need tape to secure it.  Bundle together drawers, furniture parts, protect upholstery, or use with padding to protect fragile items.

When disassembling furniture, place all screws, handles and other small parts in a zip lock bag and tape the bag under the furniture.  Moving can get chaotic and it is easy to lose track of small parts.

Water tips

Water is hard to carry.   Empty out your canisters ahead of time by using the water for drinking, cooking or washing, watering plants, etc.  Sanitize your water containers by adding just one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water and adding the mixture to the container.  Rinse with plain water and air dry.  Start a fresh supply after you move.

If you are using a Berkey or a water filter for daily use, now is a good time to clean it.  Click this link for cleaning instructions for the Berkey

Be discreet

If you are moving oversized supplies and equipment such as rifle cases etc., there is no need to advertise.  Use the blankets and sheets (as mentioned above) or even tarp to wrap them up.

Do a final walkthrough

I cannot stress this step enough.  No matter how organized you think you are, the stress of moving out by a certain time can cause you to overlook things.  Check each room by looking high and low, opening drawers and checking inside closets.  I can recall one move when I forgot to check the bathroom one final time.  I left a brand new blowdryer under the sink since I had used it on the day of the move.  Once you have turned in the key to the leasing office, there is no way to get an item back.


Hope these tips are helpful to you!  If you have some interesting moving tips, please share in the comments!


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Money-saving deals for you!

Here are a few links to items referred to in the article and a few others are helpful for moving:

Mover's stretch wrap:  industrial strength plastic film:  I found out about this by watching some movers years ago.  They used the stretch wrap for everything and it was super easy and efficient.

Bubble wrap:  Once I ran out of t-shirts and sheets to wrap items with, I used one small roll of bubble wrap for the rest.

Moving boxes:  Try to get boxes for free, but if there is not enough, it is best to buy boxes in bulk, so you save money.

Packing tape:  Same with boxes, it is better to buy packing tape in bulk.

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  1. also this is why you should have a list of all the hiding places you use to store items. and a check list to be sure you have not forgotten anything. My Grandmother who had to move many times always nested items inside each other. Every item would have things inside them. I also am coming up on a move out. Moving 3 states away.

    1. Hey Ben, Having a list of where items are hidden is a great idea, esp during a move. Nesting items within larger items is a great use of space. Thanks for the tips. Good luck on your upcoming move-hope all goes well.

  2. I would suggest that you be sure you can trust anyone that helps you move to keep quiet about any supplies and firearms that you have. This is simply good operation security. Also be aware that people will see you move in and may take interest in your things. So you need to be sure to be discrete. If you can take the rifle down in to smaller packages.

  3. Go to several big trash containers with rollers and keep the receipt.
    These will hold a lot of dishes, linen, pots and pans, tools, etc. and just roll them to your truck
    When finished, return those you kept unscraped and clean.
    This was the greatest help when we moved.

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