September 4, 2019

Dealing with Prepper Burnout

This post is by Bernie Carr, I know a couple of people who were obsessed with prepping a couple of years ago, and now have completely dropped out.  From our previous conversations, I think they got burnt out from prepping.   Discouragement is fairly common-it happens to all of us.  The trick is to overcome it.  The doubting thoughts start small but can slowly take over.  Watch out for the warning signs. How does happen? Nothing happened.  Many people started […]

Beware of Prepper Overload

There are a few stages you may go through when you first start the preparedness journey. 1.  You notice things that never caught your attention before.  You look at your pantry and begin to calculate how many days your food and water will cover.  You notice the grocery shelves get low on Sunday night, and know that there isn’t any stock left in the backroom until the delivery trucks arrive.  You watch the news and wonder how much of it […]