May 27, 2019

Warning Signs your Prepping has Gone Too Far

This post is by Bernie Carr, I was reading a Facebook group board and one of the members brought up an interesting question.  The member was a regular in the board, and she was very involved in buying supplies, gear, and learning skills.  Her parents invited her to go to Europe to celebrate their anniversary. They would cover the hotel and food, and she only had to come up with airfare. She was inclined to turn down the invitation […]

3 Mental Habits that can Place your Life in Danger

This post is by Bernie Carr, Getting out of dodge also known as bugging out is not my first choice in riding out a disaster unless there is an immediate threat or an evacuation order.  We all feel more secure in our own homes, where most of our supplies are located.  Being in familiar territory is comforting.  However, there may come a time when you have to leave due to an impending disaster, whether it’s a wildfire, a chemical […]

Why Writing a Journal is Important in a Prolonged Emergency

Written by Lucas Cappel   Many people are yet to embrace the culture of keeping diaries and journals as they find it hectic and unnecessary. Many will argue that diary keeping will steal some minutes of their rather busy day. Others may hold the opinion that it will bring back irrelevant memories that have nothing to do with the present and would only make a person hate their past. Most of the reasons for not keeping a diary are genuine, but […]

Know the Warning Signs of Road Rage

This post is by Bernie Carr, Last week, I wrote about a traffic accident that escalated into a shootout between two drivers.  Road rage is not usually a topic that is covered in emergency preparedness, but if you think about it, a road rage incident can easily turn into a personal disaster.  In the situation that I described, three lives were altered as a result of uncontrollable rage:  one driver was immediately arrested, the other driver was shot in […]

Five Habits that Help Improve Your Survival Chances in a Random Attack

This post is by Bernie Carr, In the past couple of weeks, there have been several attacks where innocent people going about their day got hurt or killed. Minnesota mall knife attack – On Sept. 17, a 22 year old man stabbed 10 people in a Minnesota mall before police killed him as he tried to lunge. Washington mall shooting – On Sept 23, a 20 year old man went on a shooting rampage and killed four women and […]

Dealing with Prepper Burnout

This post is by Bernie Carr, I know a couple of people who were obsessed with prepping a couple of years ago, and now have completely dropped out.  From our previous conversations, I think they got burnt out from prepping.   Discouragement is fairly common-it happens to all of us.  The trick is to overcome it.  The doubting thoughts start small but can slowly take over.  Watch out for the warning signs. How does happen? Nothing happened.  Many people started […]

The One Simple Secret to Surviving any Crisis

Written by Daisy Luther This article first appeared in The Organic Prepper When disaster strikes, will you be ready? Will you be organized, calm, and ready to adapt to whatever the situation brings? Sometimes we have some warning, and sometimes things happen out of the blue. There is one simple secret that will allow you to sail through nearly any crisis. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, or take up an entire roomful of storage space. It’s your ability to accept […]