September 7, 2019

4 Emergency Hacks to Open a Can

Editor’s note:  We always recommend everyone keep a spare can opener around, but should you find yourself without one, it is good to know a few other ways to open a can. 4 Emergency Hacks to Open a Can Written by Luisa Brenton Your face falls. The cold sweat breaks out. You look around at the deep wilderness that encircles your campfire and family. You shout, “Whaddaya mean nobody brought a can opener?” It can happen to everybody. That’s the problem […]

Sharpening a Knife with No Sharpener

This post is by Bernie Carr, Having a knife available at all times is handy for unforeseen chores and other small emergencies.  That’s why I keep two.  But if the knife is dull, it is not only useless, but can be dangerous.  You have more risk of cutting yourself if your knife is dull.  You can carry a knife sharpener too, but what if you don’t have one available?  Here is a way to sharpen your knife without one. […]