August 15, 2019

APOCABOX – Handpicked Survival Tools – Review and Giveaway

This post is by Bernie Carr, I’d love it if you can help support Apartment Prepper on Patreon to help keep this site free. But it’s all up to you, I’ll still post articles as normal whether you do or not ūüôā   I got an invitation to try out the Apocabox and I gladly accepted. I was excited to receive the June package with the theme of “Get outside!” which is right up my alley. What is the […]

5 Emergency Items to Carry With You

This post is by Bernie Carr, This article first appeared in The Allstate Blog It may not be practical to carry a fully stocked emergency kit everywhere you go, but that doesn‚Äôt mean you can‚Äôt be prepared for an unexpected scenario. Carrying five simple items with you can help you be ready for emergencies and other unexpected situations. Consider carrying the following items in a purse or your car‚Äôs glove box, or attaching the tools to your key chain […]

Using Survival Gear Everyday

Written by¬†James Walton The every day carry (EDC) craze blew in and created a stir in the way many people look at preparedness. Suddenly it was more acceptable to carry a flashlight on your person every day. Maybe even a serious folding knife, too. What about carrying hardcore survival gear every day? Does it really make sense to have this type of gear on your person each day? Is it effective outside of the woods or an emergency? The answer […]

Building a Minimalist Shemagh Pack with the Right Survival Gear

(Editor’s note:¬† Today we have an interesting article from our guest contributor, James Walton.¬† The shemagh is similar to a large heavy duty scarf, measuring 42 by 42 inches.¬† It originated from the Middle East and used by military troops all over the world.¬† The shemagh (pronounced “schmog”), has multiple uses, one of which is described in the following article.) Written by¬†James Walton The market is flooded with incredible backpacks. It seems like every day another great EDC pack or […]

Choosing a Knife According to Your Survival Needs

Written by¬†James Walton   Any person who starts down the road of preparedness must understand the threats they are faced with and the hurdles to mitigate these threats. You see, the location of your survival plans and resulting actions are very important. Understand Your Unique Survival Circumstance While you may live in the city, it might be the mountains that you plan to escape to. This means you must be well versed in escaping a city as well as surviving […]

Top Features to Look for While Purchasing a Suitable Survival Knife

Written by Billy, Perkins Knives A survival knife is the one tool which is equivalent to numerous tools that would help you in surviving in the wild. It can take care of many tasks for you to ease your stay in the outdoors. When it comes to survival, choosing the right knife is imperative. Such a knife comes with a whole lot of features and all you need is to be assertive of what you require. Before making a purchase, […]

How to Break in your Emergency Shoes

This post is by Bernie Carr, In my post “What if You Have to Walk Out of the City”¬† I mentioned you should break in your walking shoes well before any emergency happens.¬† This may sound unimportant and boring, but believe it or not, your survival could depend on your ability to walk for a long period of time, and shoes that do not fit could delay or prevent you from getting to safety. One problem that ill-fitting shoes […]

Money Mondays: Take Advantage of Emergency Supply Sales

This post is by Bernie Carr, Just a quick post today, on the last week of September.¬† These past few weeks have been beset with disasters:¬† Texas¬†was inundated by¬†Hurricane Harvey, followed by Florida’s Hurricane Irma.¬† Now Puerto Rico is experiencing “apocalyptic conditions” in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.¬† The U.S. is not the only country that had disasters – Mexico City experienced a terrible earthquake and emergency crews are still looking for survivors. September is¬† National Preparedness Month Natural […]

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck In the Waist Band Holster Review

This post is by Bernie Carr, Today we are reviewing Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 3.0 Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Holster. What the Package Includes The holster itself is in black leather, with a neoprene padding in the back.¬† A Parts Pack, which helps you customize the holster, also came with it.¬† It contains:¬† screws, rubber spacers, T-nut, washer and hex key. Alien Gear holsters are made in the U.S. Trying out the Holster We tried the holster on […]

Sharpening a Knife with No Sharpener

This post is by Bernie Carr, Having a knife available at all times is handy for unforeseen chores and other small emergencies.¬† That’s why I keep two.¬† But if the knife is dull, it is not only useless, but can be dangerous.¬† You have more risk of cutting yourself if your knife is dull.¬† You can carry a knife sharpener too, but what if you don’t have one available?¬† Here is a way to sharpen your knife without one. […]

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