The Best Plants for a Happy and Healthy Home

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Written by Sarah Smith

Today, more than ever, a majority of the population lives a very disconnected life from nature. It’s no secret that many of us fill our homes with synthetic furnishings, buy food loaded with preservatives, and live a very sedentary lifestyle compared to the generations that came before us. A majority of this can be blamed on today’s technology and improvements to manufacturing that make it easy to rely on store bought goods or medicines to make our home life comfortable. However, as any good prepper knows, if we should experience a break in the power grid or supply links, a large section of people will probably find themselves facing very dire scenarios.

Thankfully, with a little resourcefulness and planning, we can set our homes up with a variety of plants so we can tap into nature’s medicine closet for remedies, better health, to increase our happiness today, and survival rates in a time of need tomorrow. Over the years, people have been tapping into the power of house plants without realizing their natural benefits. Surprisingly, house plants and flowers do more than add to our decor, they can purify the air, reduce stress, improve moods, and even provide healing from common ailments.

Unfortunately, with all of today’s modern advancements and technology many of us have moved away from the benefits plants provide us. This makes it critical that we do what we can today so we can harness the benefits of plants in a time of need. Yes, we can use plants in our apartments and homes to bulk up our prepping stockpile without breaking the bank, over relying on artificial ingredients, or risky supply chains that could become unreliable if the worst should happen. As an added benefit, carefully chosen house plants could also be used as a food source for our families.

For more information about using plants in our apartments and for prepping, please read the following guide about the best plants for a happy and healthy home:

About the Author:

Sarah Smith is a journalist and a freelance writer. She completed her Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University. She’s a Yoga instructor and mother of two beautiful kids. Sara loves writing about the benefits of being a parent, enjoying the great outdoors and finding balance amidst the chaos of daily life.

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