The Portable Potty Bucket

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Five gallon buckets are not only great for long term food storage, they are also great for other emergency items such as personal care, and health supplies.  We posted a non-threatening way to get them to prep and clever reader Ginger came up with her gift idea to give her family this year:  the portable potty bucket.

Ginger did some research on what to include  in the buckets (here’s the You Tube video she watched and here is a list of what she included:

  • toilet paper
  • Supersorb – absorbent granules that absorbs liquid for quick cleanup.  Antimicrobial and odor eliminating, Ginger got hers from a janitorial supply store, you can also find them on Amazon.
  • Hi-Genic – thick, non-acid cleaner disinfects and deodorizes, controls mildew and kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus).  Also found at janitorial supplies or Amazon.
  • rubber gloves
  • personal hygiene wipes
  • potty seat
  • enzymes to break down waste
  • plastic bags
  • kitty litter
  • hand sanitizer
  • air freshener
  • festive solar light (she included these to light the emergency toilet area)

Her gifts were a big hit and were received.

Our thanks to Ginger for sharing her idea and photos with us. 

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  1. Already got one, (the bucket, the lid/seat & SOME of the other stuff).Really handy for camping, as well as emergency preps, Really appreciate that you are sharing these ideas.

  2. I’ve always had one. I just keep changing the setup slightly when I get new ideas. The video was great. I have a second smaller bucket within the big one for all the extras such as wipes, TP, etc. The best part was to hear her say that the cavalry (church in her case) is not coming! We are responsible for ourselves!

  3. The bucket appears to be more toilet shaped, not a round bucket. Can you send me the name and a link to purchase one?

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