The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage – E-Book Review

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The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage by Gaye Levy just came out on Amazon Kindle.

Getting started with food storage can be intimidating, and one of the more difficult steps is figuring out what to buy.  This won’t be an issue if you get this book.  The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage covers everything you need to know to get started in your own food storage plan:  it not only posts an actual list that you can take with you to the grocery store, but also offers helpful tips and reminders.  We all live busy lives, and many of us don’t want to have to deal with complicated charts and calculations on what to store.  At the same time, many don’t even have the space in which to store everything.   The book makes it easy for anyone to get started.

I wish I had this book when I first got started my own food storage plan.  There is a whole section on how to store food for long term storage as well as pitfalls to avoid.  What you won’t find is a lot of fluff – the book is concise, but jam packed with information.

As you may know, Gaye writes Backdoor Survival.  The book is written in the same no-nonsense, up front style that we’ve all come to expect from her writings.  At $3.99, the book will save you a lot more in terms of wasted food and effort.  Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to supplement your current food storage, go get The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage.

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What are your favorite food storage items?

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    1. Our biggest challenge is space: we live in fewer than 500 square feet, so even two weeks’ worth of groceries puts us out of our kitchen!

  1. Our biggest challenge is a mix between space and money – as students in a small apartment, stocking up a pantry isn’t always the easiest.

    Still, we have a stocked food pantry that would last us for about a month (although not that interesting – yet) just because I’ve always preferred it that way. It was first after I started prepping that I realized exactly how much good it would do me/us in the long run.

  2. My biggest challenge to food storage has been consistently purchasing items. We stock up for a couple of weeks/months then stop buying and eat out of the pantry.
    Get a little low and stock up again.
    Luckily each time we add a few more then we used so our stock is growing but it would grow faster if we purchased on a regular basis.

    Of course, having only one income right now has greatly affected that aspect of it.

  3. Biggest issue (other than space) is we are beginners. Just knowing what to get is a challenge. So this would be awesome!

  4. I love storing canned foods. The main challenge is the products maturity dates sometimes cause me to dis-guard the products.

  5. Biggest challenge: SPACE. Echoing the other comments concerning apartment living, this is obvious. I’ve solved some of that by storing canned goods (which I recycle as needed due to expirations) under the bed, and on the patio, in shade-protected heavy duty storage containers. Same for bottles of water.
    FAVORITE food storage item: canned vegetarian chilis and stews from Eden Organics. Their cans are BPA-free, and the product is high in protein and fiber. Plus, they taste good straight out of the can, in case you can’t heat them up.

  6. My biggest issue currently is that I will be moving in the next year and seriously loading up on food supplies will add to my moving expenses which being disabled in a wheelchair already necessitates me to hire movers.

  7. What is your biggest challenge regarding food storage? Maybe that I need to start a Food storage. I have been working on my BOB and gathering some canned foods under my bed. It is hard getting started.

  8. Our biggest challenge is space – not just that we don’t have much space, but that we want our extra food to be out of sight. We don’t want others knowing what we have and wanting to take it someday. My favorite storage item is Tang. I know that sounds weird, but it has a full day’s supply of vitamin C and it also has some calcium – things that can be difficult to get while eating stored food. In addition, it adds variety to just drinking water. This book will definitely help us since we are still just beginners at this.

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