Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

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The following is a guest post by Roger Gallager

We shouldn’t take safety as an aside. Nowadays, burglars had become more strategic than ever. They take locked doors as merely a given and going past through it for them is only a piece of cake. You may have the most intricate home security installed in your house, but still they’re going to find ways to work around it. Nothing is better than guessing what your opponent will do and beating them to it.

Here are the things that burglars don’t want you to know.

  1. Burglars aren’t afraid of the bad weather. The very thing about bad weather that makes you want to stoop on your couches is also the very thing that makes it very tolerable for burglars. Intuition will tell you that burglars won’t be on roundabouts since they know that people are at home. But the thing is whenever it rains, or snows, everyone relaxes on their personal spaces, doing their activities, such as watching TV, reading, or just taking a nap. This comes off as an opportunity to burglars to strike, and steal.
  2. Burglars know where you keep your goodies. They are aware that you’re may be hiding them somewhere in your master bedroom. It is the common place to hide jewelries or some cold cash. If you’re looking for a place to keep or hide something valuable, the master bedroom should not be considered.
  3. Burglars love alarm systems in near sight. Don’t install an alarm system which is within sight. This step will surely attract burglars and eventually, shall lead to home invasion. An alarm system mounted near your door is too obvious that burglars may know when it’s activated or not, thus, the rise of aggravated robbery.
  4. Burglars don’t dress for the occasion.   In fact, their goal is to blend in.  Why would a burglar, looking for a place to target, dress up like a criminal? That would be ridiculous, although the media often leaves us with an unrealistic view of the world where robbers have to always wear black and a mask. During daytime, he may pose as a utility worker. Utility workers on location will always have ID, and legitimate workers will be happy to show it. They may even try knocking on your doors; offer to install or upgrade a system for you if you happen to be at home.
  5. A burglar can learn a lot just by knocking on your door. As stipulated in number 4, burglars might try knocking on your doors to find out if you’re home, or offer something which you’ll find interesting, and eventually fall for the trap. Based on how you open the door, your body language, and even how you respond to questions they ask, there are a lot of things they can already learn. They can even hear whether you keep deadbolts locked. Be careful about giving away information.

These are just some of your burglars’ secrets. It is time for you to take a step better protecting your home.

Author BioRoger Gallager is a communications specialist with expertise in marketing.  He is also a writer for that discusses FAQs about home alarm systems. He has been writing articles advising homeowners on how to secure homes, and deal with home-related problems that will inevitably arise. You could email him at or follow him at



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