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Welcome new readers and subscribers!   These last couple of days, there has been an influx of visits from the UK Preppers forum https://uk-preppers.co.uk/ When I started this blog, I was not sure if anyone would even be interested in apartment prepping.  Now I see readers from the UK and Canada (hello to you in the 55th parallel) Wherever we hail from, we all have something in common, trying to prepare while living in an apartment in the city–there are a lot of us!  I am delighted you stopped by and subscribed, and hope you find some value in my posts.

To all readers, please feel free to comment and let me know if there are any topics of interest you’d like to see.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me where from around the world that I see people coming from to read my blog. It is a testament that there are others around the world are just as concerned as we are about our own future… Congrats for reaching a wider audience!!!

  2. Oh, wow, you are one of the few apartment prepper blogs that I have seen on the net, and I am glad I found you. I am an apartment prepper too, and I will definatily watch your blog, and maybe pick up some pointers. Oh and I am a blogger too. So far this place looks nice! Keep up the good work!

  3. You are doing a great job! Ive been visiting for a while but first time comment.
    I live out in the woods,a long way from town although more people keep trickling into the area,I have a working homestead and have been living the back to the land mother earther lifestyle for nearly 40 years,Im nearly self suffecient,but still find myself learning new things all the time! Keep up the good work,people need to know that even a little prepared is better than no prepared,whether in a city apartment or a well planned homestead,we need to do this! Thanks!

    1. I appreciate the kind comment, REB. That is very cool- you having a working homestead! I like finding out about people that are already making it work. We all need to be prepared where ever we live. Thanks for visiting!

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