You Need to Read this: The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living by Daisy Luther

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Written by Bernie Carr

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Wondering if you’ll have enough money to meet your bills this month and still put food on the table? Or, are you fine with bills but worry about carrying excess debt? Or have big plans for your life but unable to make any progress towards your goals?

If you can relate to any of the above, then I have the perfect book for you.

I just finished reading Daisy Luther’s latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living: Save Money, Plan Ahead, Pay Off Debt & Live Well.

Who is Daisy Luther?

Daisy Luther is the writer of many popular books, The Flat Broke Cookbook, The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide, Be Ready for Anything, to name a few. Daisy writes about current events, preparedness, and survival on her website,; and she writes about frugal-living on her website, She’s a busy lady, but also manages to live the good life and has traveled extensively.

She has been there

Having been on the broke side of life, Daisy Luther very relatable as a frugal living writer. She is not afraid to admit she has made some money mistakes that were regrettable. She has also been in severe financial straits and has managed to work her way out of it.

I know it’s rough to not have enough money to scrape by; I have been there myself. Daisy’s approach is to embrace the challenge and find ways to be joyful while you’re at it.

Something for everyone

If you are new to frugal living and just now learning about ways to cut back, you will find a wealth of information in this book such as cutting your utility bills, lowering food bills, making a sensible budget.

Or, if you are finding yourself in desperate need for cash, this book includes a section on what to do if you are in Crisis Mode. It’s an excellent section, in fact, Daisy has some novel advice which I don’t often see in debt-free living books.

In short, this book has something for everyone.

What about experienced thrift-sters?

Many of my readers are frugal sorts, and may consider themselves veterans of thrift. That’s great. I myself am of the frugal persuasion, and have read multiple “get out of debt and give up that daily latte” type books. I’ve seen same old tired advice from other books. Not this one.

I can tell you that this book has some fresh ideas that you may have not heard about. When I read a new book, especially a frugal living book, if I pick up a few ideas I can try out that I haven’t already, I consider the book well worth it.

Daisy’s book gave me several ideas to try that I will be writing about in the future.

I highly recommend The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living: Save Money, Plan Ahead, Pay Off Debt & Live Well. We all have books that we keep and re-read over the years, one of them is The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. This book is like that. The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living deserves a spot in your bookshelf.

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