April 25, 2017

Self-Sufficient Saturdays: How to Make Banana Muffins without an Electric Mixer

Welcome to the latest Self-Sufficient Saturdays feature, where we try out projects that can easily be done in an apartment. Breakfast muffins are a staple at our house for busy weekday breakfasts.  I used to buy them at the store until I found out how easy it is to make muffins yourself.  There are no special ingredients, and you can rescue overripe, black bananas from getting thrown out. Just one problem:  my cheap hand mixer that I’ve had for six […]

When You Don’t Have Time to Cook

One of the biggest reasons people give as why they do not cook their own food is, “I don’t have enough time.”  I wonder, is it they don’t have time, or they don’t want to make time?  No time to cook, but has enough time to sit and watch the latest Snooki shenanigans or who got kicked off ____ (fill in reality show name here).  Hmmm… For those readers who truly want to start cooking more, but feel they do […]

Basic Recipe: Plain White Rice

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I received an email from reader Angela from Italy who had a some great suggestions for future articles:  back to basics recipes, and cooking over an open fire.   Because of my living accommodations, I can’t always cook over an open fire (except at a campground), but I do plan on improving that skill.  This time I wanted to cover a very basic recipe for an item most of us keep in our emergency […]