May 15, 2020

How to Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip this Season

Editor’s note: In many states, autumn is a wonderful season for outdoor activities. The air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors in the most spectacular way possible. Why not schedule time in the outdoors before it gets too cold?  Fishing is a great way to relax and acquire a new skill. You may even have food to take home for dinner. Today’s guest post provides some great tips to plan your fishing trip. How to Plan the Perfect […]

Vanilla is so Expensive – Make your Own!

This post is by Bernie Carr,   A few weeks ago, I wanted to make cookies and muffins so I bought a bottle of vanilla at the grocery store. I was shocked that a one-ounce bottle costed close to $5! I ended up buying one since I needed it right away but it has already run out. Why is vanilla so expensive? Several factors have contributed to the increased vanilla prices. For one thing, there are only a few […]

FREE Preserve The Harvest Masterclass Preview

This post is by Bernie Carr, Are new to preparedness and you’re trying to stock your pantry but you don’t know where to start? Just head on over to The Preserve The Harvest Masterclass and sign up for the FREE preview of Self Reliant School’s canning and dehydrating classes. Click here to register for FREE—–>Free Preview – Preserve the Harvest Masterclass Here are just a few things they’re going to cover Introduction to canning (how does the process work) […]

Worm Composting in an Apartment

Editor’s note: Before I started my journey of becoming more self-sufficient, I never would have considered trying to compost in an apartment. But since I have tried all sorts of projects I did not think were doable in an apartment such as food dehydrating, soap making and more, I realized the possibilities are endless. Today’s guest post offers some great tips on worm composting. Help the Planet and Your Plants with Worm Composting Written by Brenda Darrah Why Compost? According […]

DIY Natural Bug Sprays You Can Make this Summer

Summertime is here, which means it’s time to open the windows, get some fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Unfortunately, there may be one small thing you’re dreading about summer time: bugs. If you’re a mosquito magnet, you know how hard it can be to stay itch-free while camping, hiking, or swimming. Bugs are everywhere, and they sure love you. If there’s nothing you want more than to enjoy the summer sun without getting bitten at every turn, this […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Make Beef Jerky

This post is by Bernie Carr, A couple of weeks ago, I posted about trying to dehydrate food for the very first time with my new dehydrator. It turned out so well that I made a new goal to make beef jerky. Why make your own jerky? Making your own jerky is a great way to preserve meat if you have a surplus, or if you just want to make quick, healthy snacks. A lot of commercially prepared beef […]

Learning to Make Soap at Home

This post is by Bernie Carr, Last week I told you about my food dehydrator adventure. This week I got to experiment with making soap at home.  My son gave me a soap-making kit for Mother’s Day.  Yes, my kids know what I like 🙂 The kit we tested was Chelsea’s Sage Basil and Mint Soap-making Kit. What the kit includes It has everything you need to get started with “melt and pour” soap-making: 2 1 lb. bars shea […]

I Tried Using a Food Dehydrator for the First Time – Here’s What Happened

This post is by Bernie Carr, My daughter gave me an early Mother’s Day gift – you guessed it – a food dehydrator. Since I had wanted one for a while now I could not wait to try it out and opened it way before Mother’s Day. Why I wanted a food dehydrator Drying food is a great skill to have. Supplement your food storage with dried foods. Take advantage of produce and meat sales. Preserve foods you are […]

Money Mondays: Homemade Cards and Gifts

This post is by Bernie Carr, The day after Thanksgiving, we started decorating for Christmas.  This year, we are reusing decorations from previous years.  I also started to make Christmas gifts and cards. Cards We grew up thinking that store-bought cards are better, but over the years I found handmade cards are appreciated by the recipients.  I like to draw Christmas images free-hand, but for variety, I am also trying these ideas out:  Fingerprint Christmas lights card and Copy […]

7 Unusual Foods to Pickle [and why you should]

(Editor’s note:  Pickling is one homesteading activity that can easily be done in an apartment.  I had pretty good results making Marinated Mushrooms, so I think I am going to try making some of these recipes myself.   If you have any great pickling recipes to share, please let us know in the comments!) Written by Shelle, Rockin W Homestead Pickling may be the new Kale! I’ve been on a pickling kick the past month or so and discovered several fun […]

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