10 Household Items You Can Make at Home

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Since I started writing this blog, I’ve encouraged my readers to take small steps to becoming more self sufficient.  Being able to make things yourself helps you save time, money and allows you to be less dependent on store bought items.  Living in a small space should not stop you from trying do it yourself projects.  That’s why I enjoyed this article from LeAnn who writes The Homestead Dreamer.

10 Things I Stopped Buying at the Store  by LeAnn, The Homestead Dreamer

We have made a lot of small changes in our lifestyle over the last two years or so. At the time, it doesn’t seem like much of a big deal but then six months pass and you realize how much your routine has changed. One of our big overall goals is to buy less pre-packaged items and make our own as much as possible. While we do have to buy the whole foods to then process ourselves (for no man is an island!), there are several things I realized that I stopped buying at the store all together.Instead, we make it ourselves and end up with a superior food for less money.

Many people argue that the prices you pay at the grocery store are for the convenience of not having to make it yourself from scratch. In some ways they would be right but honestly, I’d just be sitting on my duff watching TV and being a ‘zombie’ like the majority of Americans. I prefer to be productive and would rather spend 2 hours making up some tasty food and preserving it than watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and have the intelligence sucked out of my brain. We work every day to be more self sufficient and produce (or learn how to) as much of our needs as possible.

  1. Crackers – Crackers were one of the first things I decided I would no longer buy. It is incredible how many crackers you can make out of one cup of flour! That cup of flour (with other ingredients) was enough for 4 people to eat stew with and no one was left wanting. We have enjoyed plain whole wheat or white flour crackers but the real fun is when you add in spices to compliment the meal. One of our favorites is the garlic/oregano crackers but I have also made them with garlic, onion, and basil mixed in. Pepper crackers were kind of a fun twist but it is easy to go overboard on the pepper. One of my most popular posts to date, How To Make Crackers in 20 Minutes, will show you how to make your own, too!

Read the rest of the article by clicking on this link:  10 Things I Stopped Buying at the Store

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