2-Course MREs from Meal Kit Supply Taste Test

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

I received samples of the new 2-course MREs from Meal Kit Supply for review.   They are smaller packaging that the 3 course ones, but include everything you need for a filling meal.  The package I tried was the Vegetarian Ratatouile.  It included the following:  heating unit, Vegetarian Ratatouille entrée, chocolate chip cookie, lemon lime beverage mix, and spoon.

MealsReadytoEat_2I set up the heating unit according to package directions.  All you have to do is open it, and add about 1/2 cup of water to the bag up to the line indicated.  You then wrap the heating unit around the entree and side dish according to the photo illustration.  It was very easy.  The directions say you can place a weight on top of it, but in this case, it was fine without one.

MealsReadytoEat_4I heard the heating unit activate as soon as I placed the weight on it.  The whole thing started puffing up and you hear a sizzling sound.  As the directions say, in 10 minutes, the meal is ready.

I also prepared the lemon lime drink.  You can add water directly to the pouch, but I poured the contents into a 12-ounce water bottle and shook it to mix.

Once the packet was warm I transferred the dish into a bowl.

MealsReadytoEat_5Now for the taste test.  The vegetarian ratatouille was good.  I like the vegetable pieces; the sauce had a good taste.  The lemon lime drink mix was pleasant tasting and reminded me of Gatorade.  Now for the one I was really wondering about: the chocolate chip cookie.  I had reservations about how it might taste but it turned out to be a good treat:  I was impressed at the texture and flavor.  The closest way I can describe it, is it has the feel of a shortbread cookie, with a good amount of chocolate chips.  I shared it with the rest of the family and they liked it as well.

MealsReadytoEat_6I think if I were to eat this in an emergency where there was no power to cook, or if I were outdoors, I would be grateful for the convenience and the warm, filling meal.

(Please note Apartment Prepper has no financial interest in Meal Kit Supply.  This review is for informational purposes only.  Food storage quality varies greatly, so it is best to research your choices prior to making a decision.)

Their website is www.mealkitsupply.com
(https://mealkitsupply.com/us/pages/en/ – the US site).

The meals are made in the U.S.  Another plus is they always cover shipping.

Among the various choices for food storage, MREs have a good shelf life and are certainly easy to use.  If you are in the market for MREs, mealkitsupply.com is a good choice.

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  1. Hey you got a good one, the veggie stuff is usually the best tasting, except for that veggie omelot…Interesting to see comercial MREs, I’ve only had standard issue ones. A lot of people will complain and say that MREs are crap, but most of those people never heat them up, which would be why they think it’s crap. MREs are good for food storage, but I think it works even better as food in bug out bags or what have you, heck it works pretty good for travel meals too.

    1. Hey Pierce, you’re right, this was pretty good, I was surprised why people say they’re so bad. I may actually get some for road trips. I think I’ll avoid any veggie omelet though 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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