Online Tracking that’s Almost Impossible to Stop

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Today’s not a normal posting day but I came across this article that really made me think how much more information is being collected and the infinite ways we are being tracked.

This new tracking method does not use cookies, but a new technology called “canvas fingerprinting”  This time around, information is being collected by using our own computer’s unique “fingerprint”  Each machine would run a picture or characters in a sentence just a little differently, this software will attach a number to your computer and collect information about your browsing activities.

A couple of options suggested by the articles suggest using the Tor browser which will slow down your internet (or make you look suspicious according to some sources), or by blocking JavaScript, but this may prevent many websites from loading.

Some people I know have “given up” saying they don’t even care anymore if they get tracked, they’re not doing anything wrong.  They way I see it, my buying habits, browsing habits are no one’s business but my own.  And someday, you may not think you’re doing anything wrong, but someone else might.

What are you doing to protect your privacy?  Please share in the comments below.

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  1. (What are you doing to protect your privacy?)

    I bought a used computer of Craig’s List, I paid CASH. I have no internet connection at my home, I use wireless connections at various spots. One of them a few houses down the street, but mostly at businesses that offer free net connections. I sure as heck don’t use my real name, I don’t have an e-mail address any more. I find I get by very well without one. I don’t make stupid statements that would put me above others on a list. I don’t do or think things that are really dangerous to the government. I know they keep getting more interested in normal things people do, but I can’t do nothing about that. I live what most people would call a normal (boring ) life. I work, pay bills, watch TV, eat too much food that is bad for you. I have no desire to join a group of people running around in the woods with AKs waiting for the S to hit the fan.

    And when I upgrade to a newer notebook computer I will destroy this one, hard drive and all, it only cost $150.00

    1. Hi Chuck, I think what you are doing is prudent, not to mention frugal. Thanks for the comment!

  2. “And someday, you may not think you’re doing anything wrong, but someone else might.” Does anyone else think this sounds familiar to Revolutionary France?

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