34 Primitive Survival Skills All Survivalists Should Know

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This article was shared with us by Colin, freelance writer and editor at Basis Gear

Maybe you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to outdoor survival, or perhaps you are searching for some? In any case, it goes without saying that as an earth-dweller, surviving outdoors is a matter of extreme importance. When it comes down to this, preparation is everything. How should you prepare?

By taking into account the variety of skills and information essential for staying alive and keeping safe in the wilderness.

There’s no need to panic if you’re lost in the wild without technology or a trusty map! “Old school” survival skills are just as efficient. All it takes is a combination of basic skills and a little common sense to get you through. Let’s take a look at some of these primitive survival skills:

1. Making Tools And Weapons

Who really wants to be out in the wilderness with nothing but their bare hands the entire time? Sooner or later you’d realise your journey would be made much simpler, or less strenuous if you had some tools handy. You might also realise that as intriguing as the wilderness may be, it tends to pose a number of threats to personal safety. Should you find yourself in a situation where you’re out in the wild without any tools or weapons, or maybe you need extra, it is quite possible to make your own! This will require the use of stone, wood, metal, and even bones.


2. Creating Shelter

It looks like you won’t get to civilization before the start of another day, what’s your best bet? I’d say it’s to set up camp in a prime location while daylight is still available (since we don’t have owl eyes!).

Creating shelter is essential as it will serve as protection from the earth’s elements (which can be pretty harsh). In warm weather where it may be likely to rain, a lean-to shelter can easily be made.

However, when it’s likely to be or get very cold, it would be more suitable creating a shelter that can insulate for warmth.

3. Build A Fire

No matches? How about a lighter? If neither of those are at your disposal, there’s still no need to worry! As I’m sure you’ve seen on television, a fire can be started using nothing but sticks and a flat piece of wood. It is also possible to start a fire with near-sighted eyeglasses as well, so if you’d be in luck if you’re wearing a pair.

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