How to Get Started with Hunting

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A lot of survival sites advise “learn how to hunt for food” in the event of a collapse.  Indeed, in Venezuela, where there is widespread hunger, desperate people are killing animals that are not normally considered as food.  However, unless you have a family that hunts, many city dwellers would not know the first thing about hunting.  I thought it would be interesting to find out how do you get started with hunting for readers who are curious about what’s involved.

How to Get Started with Hunting

by Brandon Cox

Hunting might appear a simple task, but there is a lot to learn for any beginner. I have been hunting for years now and still learning. However, that should not discourage you from learning. We all have to start somewhere. People hunt for various reasons, but the fun part of hunting is what makes it special. Hunting is one of the best outdoor activities you can engage in with family and friends and have a great time out there. Hunting is also a way to get high-quality proteins and just get to spend more time outdoors.

If you’re reading this post, then it means you want to learn hunting. You’ve probably seen a video where hunters shoot down deer and other game animals. It appears pretty simple when you watch, but there is a lot to learn before you can manage a clean kill. When you go hunting, it is not just about getting the kill and coming back. You have to consider your safety, understand wildlife rules and be an ethical hunter.  We will soon get into this but first a little caution for beginners. The hunting season is not your ideal period to start hunting.

You need to start your wheels in motion early enough before the hunting season. You need to be highly educated and familiar with your weapon of choice months before the hunting season. Take time and learn how to use weapons like the best compound bow properly before taking it with you.

The first step as a beginner hunter

I think the first step is to find a hunter education course and take it. This is what most people refer to as the Hunter’s Safety Course. You can search for this course online and find a few places close to where you stay. The course will give you a better understanding of hunting, hunters and the wildlife we hunt. Here you will meet adult folks just like you and probably a hunting partner in the near future.

The course brings you to qualified instructors who will teach you all the hunting basics. The course will most probably provide you with a good atmosphere to try your first shots. You will get firsthand experience on how to use a rifle scope and aim the target with precision. These skills will come in handy when in the field.

In fact, most states require a certification to provide you with a hunting license. It is always a great idea to attend the hunter safety course as teaches you the basics of hunting and how to make yourself and those around you safe.

Get a license

You have to buy a license to be able to hunt in almost all states.  You don’t just wake up in the morning and head out hunting without a license. There are a multitude of fines one would face hunting without a license.

Get familiar with local state laws and regulations

There is nothing worse when hunting by starting on the wrong foot side of the law and making enemies with the wardens. All states have a wildlife and fish official website where you can print out all the laws and regulations governing hunting. Read them and understand what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed.

Tag along an experienced hunter

Being an apprentice is one of the best ways to learn firsthand how to hunt. A beginner hunter is allowed to accompany a licensed hunter into the field. This will give you the perfect opportunity see how hunting is done. Immerse yourself in the parts of the hunt and get a feel of what it is like to be a hunter.

You don’t have to take any weapons with you. Just tag along and observe what he does. Be silent and do what he asks. You have to show respect to the rituals of the hunter, and maybe he will let you on his tricks.

Choose your weapon of choice and practice shooting

Your first shot should never be in the field but back at home. You must be comfortable with your weapon and know how to use it effectively. If possible, borrow a firearm from a friend and try shooting before buying yours. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with guns and have a personal preference. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a firearm you will not like after a few days of use. Get comfortable with your compound bow, crossbow, spear or whatever you choose as your weapon.

Apart from the weapons, you will need the following items:

  • A snack and a bottle of water for some energy
  • Fluffy material to sit on as you wait for the animals to move close for a precise shot
  • A sharp knife and knife sharpener
  • A rope to tie down your hunt
  • Proper wear that protects you and camouflages you

Gear up keeping it simple

You will be surprised how much hunters spend each year on new gears. However, for a beginner, keep it simple and choose gears that are easy to use. As you fall in love with hunting, you will find yourself buying more guns, better duck decoys, RV parts for your camper and rifle scopes and a pair of hunting binoculars to track your animals with ease.

Learn the local surroundings

You will have to talk to fellow local hunters about the local landscape, local animal habits, and features. You need to have good knowledge of the place you intend to hunt before heading out into the field.  Learn about the best times to hunt certain animals and where you’re likely to find them.

Start with the small game first

You don’t want to be hunting a deer as your first kill in the field. Most beginners imagine deer hunting as the obvious opener, but that is not the case. Deer hunting is very complex for beginners. It is always recommended you start with a small game like rabbit and squirrel. The small games will help you learn basic principles that will be applied to bigger games.

Where to hunt

Where do you go for your first hunt? The federal land is always open for hunting, but you have to follow the rules and regulations that guide hunting there. Private lands are a perfect place to start your hunt as long the local ordinances allow it. They are not crowded as federal lands and hunters have enough space. You can always seek permission from the owners or even pay if necessary.


So, are you planning to start hunting soon? Get started by going through this checklist and learning everything you need to learn before going to the field. Hunting is one of the best outdoor sports in America today and one that you and your family will enjoy.


Author Bio:

Brandon Cox is the founder of, who is passionate about all things of hunting and fitness. Through his hunting website, he would like to share tips & tricks, finest tech that will excite all of the intricacies of hunting whether you be an amateur or a professional.

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