5 Places to Hide Money Besides Under Your Mattress

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Guest Post Written by Will

While you may not have much need for money in a post-apocalyptic world, you will still need them in an emergency or a localized survival situation (natural or man-made disaster, attack, war, and so on).

So, if you don’t want your hard-earned cash to be at everyone’s disposal, it’s time to start thinking about difficult-to-spot hiding places. If you’re in an inspirational slump, below you can see five of my favorite spots for hiding cash away.

#1: The Phone Case

Portable, easy to reach, and totally secure, this works if you have a bulkier, non-transparent case. However, you can’t stash too much in there because the case won’t fit as snug and your hiding spot will be easy to find by anyone looking at your phone from a distance.

This spot is great for when you’re traveling, and you need some emergency money stashed away.

#2: A Secret Drawer

This one is easy to make by yourself, but you can also have it made by a professional. The idea is to create a hidden drawer in a shelf, or in any other piece of furniture, and make sure it’s not easy to find by mistake.

According to the size of the drawer, there should be plenty of space to stash away a small fortune.

#3: Under the Floor

I’m sure you’ve seen this one in movies but it’s rather easy to implement at home. You just need to uproot a couple of boards from your bedroom floor or a couple of tiles from the bathroom. Once this is done, dig a small hole and use a container to store your cash safely, away from the humidity and/or mold.

Next, put the boards or tiles together and use some type of glue to tape it back. It’s important to make sure the glue will let lose whenever you want to take the cash out, so you won’t be forced to tear the floor apart.

#4: In the Door

If you have wooden doors, this is a genius hiding place as no one will ever think to look in the door! All you need to do is take a thin metal tube and drill a hole on the top edge of the door that’s slightly larger than the tube. Roll up some cash and put it in the tube, then slide the tube into the hole. You can use a magnet to retrieve it if you find it difficult otherwise.

I have successfully used this method in the past and I’m sure I’ll use it in the future!

#5: The Mattress

Since everybody knows about the mattress, it’s best to avoid hiding any money directly under it. However, I recently found on Mattress Matchers this cool design where the layers of foam are interchangeable (meaning, are not glued together). So, you could remove the cover, stash some money in between layers, and place the cover back). No one would think to dig deep into the layers!

You can also find a nice stashing place in the upholstery of your sofa, but again, this is where a smart burglar would look first.

Overall, these are my favorite hiding spots, but there are others, so feel free to let me know about yours. The idea is to think like a burglar or an attacker and identify the most obvious hiding places in your home. This way, you’ll know to avoid them.


About the Author:

I learned about preparedness when I was in college, and ever since, I’m trying to help people who want to know how to survive a natural or a man-made disaster. I learned from the best in the branch and I always like to talk to experts in various niches that connect to survival and preparedness, to learn a bit more.


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  1. have used the cold air return ducts to hide money in. be sure to have it in a glass jar. and be sure to place it around the corner where it cannot be seen just looking in.

  2. If you take a drawer out a dresser you will generally find a bit of dead space under it and in behind the back of it. These are spaces that could be used to hide envelopes of money especially if they were taped or glued in place. On my old flip phone I found I could place a tightly folded bill on top of the battery and the back cover would still close and snap in to place. You can also look at the legs of you kitchen table if you have hollow metal legs you may be able to access them and put bills in to them as well. Just be sure to keep a log of where you stashed the money so you or your loved ones can find the money when needed. The places in my father had money stashed in his van still amaze me.

    1. Hi oldguy, It’s amazing what you can fit in these tiny spaces. These are all great hiding places. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. just some FYI – on batteries “AA” are the same length as “C” so you can use “AA” in any thing that takes “C” batteries if you just rap something around the “AA” to make them fit. This can be anything nonconductive – think dollar bills just put them in baggies so if the batteries leak it will not trash the bills

    1. Hi John, You must have seen some interesting, not to mention wild ideas on where to hide things! Please feel free to share a few. Thanks for the comment!

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