Review: Prepper Movie (2016)

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Today being a holiday, I thought I’d take a break from our usual fare and instead talk about a movie I recently watched on Amazon Prime called “Prepper.”

What is it about?

The movie centers around a high school teacher and his wife, living an average life in suburbia, as they come to the realization that society can easily collapse at any moment.

How does the movie progress?

The first 30 minutes of the movie gives us a day to day look at the couple’s “normal” life – they go to work and interact with their students and faculty, go grocery shopping, exercise, worry about the future…  It was a bit of slow start, but I have to admit the conversations seemed pretty realistic.  I don’t hold it against the movie – everyday life can be boring and monotonous, but we would miss the mundane stuff if there were a collapse and we lost it all.

As the couple realizes it would not take much to push society into a collapse, they go down the rabbit hole and start prepping.  They start with stockpiling food and water, get interested in self defense, buy guns and even look into getting a bug out property.  I don’t want to give away too much, in case you are interested in seeing the movie, but the way their prepping unfolds is quite realistic.  You pretty much have to play with the hand you are dealt with – we are all constrained by time and budget issues.  Although many of us may want to live in a rural retreat, we must stay in the city due to work, school and other responsibilities.

Once the couple starts prepping, the movie moves along at a faster pace.  Eventually the characters do face an actual crisis and we see how they adapt.  I was a little surprised at how fast the collapse was portrayed.  Having been in a couple of local disasters I felt society would not fall into chaos as quickly as portrayed.  But this is a movie, and I was comfortable to overlook that minor point.

The final word

I’d say if you can plow through the slow beginning, the movie is well worth watching.  The characters were likeable and relatable, and the movie portrayed the journey of a beginner to prepare for disasters in an accurate manner.

I thought the end credit scene were quite amusing.

Watch the movie and let me know what you think.  It’s available on Amazon Prime.


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  1. I started watching it a few months ago, but simply couldn’t put up with the amateurish, high school level acting.

    When I saw it mentioned here, I was willing to give it a second chance.

    I wish I found more to like in this film. Besides the terrible acting, I found the final scenes to be preposterous. I can’t believe that this film found funding.

    1. Hi Ed, True, the acting has a lot to be desired. That is why I indicated if you can plow thru the first part it’s okay. Thanks for the comment!

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