A Prepper’s Pocket Guide Project in Action

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Just a quick post today as we get ready for “Back to School” activities.

Urbivalist Dan made the “hollowed out book safe” project # 60 from my book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.  He shows every step from start to finish, including shopping for the materials.  He did a great job with the finished product.  Check out the fun project at Daily Prep Episode 10:  Make a Hollowed Out Book Safe https://www.the-urban-survivalist.com/daily-prep-episode-10-hollowed-out-book-safe/

By the way, since there are lot of Back to School sales going on, take advantage of all the specials and discounts going on now to beef up your stockpile.  Even the grocery stores are cutting prices on what they consider as back to school items.  Looking at the weekly flier, I see store specials on emergency supply items such as:

  • peanut butter
  • jelly
  • canned pasta
  • bottled water
  • raisins
  • granola bars
  • antibacterial wipes
  • facial tissue

I know most of the budget will go to actual school supplies, but do yourself a favor and pick up a few of those staples and set them aside for your emergency stash while the prices are good.

It is also a great time to pick up backpacks, while a great variety of them are on sale.  Buy a a sturdy one for your portable emergency kit.  (For tips on what contents to include, see “Bug Out Basics” https://wp.me/p1dmhM-4d)

For easy ways to become more prepared, read my book:

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  1. Appreciate the hat tips guys! There are a handful of other ideas in that book that I want to do as well. I’ll be sure to catch them in real time on some prepisodes…Thanks again for the kind words.

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