Another Bomb Cyclone is Upon the Central US – Get Ready Now

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

It’s already April and most people are expecting spring weather, but another bomb cyclone, also known as “bombogenesis” is expected tomorrow in the Central U.S. It could impact around 200 million people in its path.

What is a Bomb Cyclone?

A bomb cyclone is a fierce winter storm, with hurricane force winds.  According to the National Ocean Service: “This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, such as air over warm ocean waters. The formation of this rapidly strengthening weather system is a process called bombogenesis, which creates what is known as a bomb cyclone.”

How do you deal with it?

  • Stay indoors
  • You may lose power for a few days
  • Get prepared now

Prepare for a power outage

Here are steps you can do to prepare for loss of electricity:  Prepare for a Power Outage

How to prepare your apartment

In case you are unable to turn on the heat, there are ways to keep your apartment warm with some minor adjustments:

Install window films.

You can buy window films online or at home improvement stores.

In a pinch, you can try using clear plastic wrap- just stick it around your windows to keep the draft out.

Plastic Trash Bags

Some people use plastic trash bags to line the cracks and the windows.

Bubble Wrap

Use painters tape or duct tape to attach bubble wrap to windows and add extra insulation.  This works because there’s trapped air between the bubble wrap and the window.  If the window is leaking around the frame, this will not work and the window would need caulking instead.

If you are planning to do a project like this, please research the various options carefully.  I am not an expert in insulation or window reinforcements, so your results may vary.  You may find something else that works better in your situation.  The window films worked best for us.

Space Heater

Many readers report good results for using the Mr. Heater.

Make sure your area is well-ventilated.  There have been many deaths resulting from carbon monoxide poisonings.

Never turn on the stove or oven for heat.  See these tips for home heater safety.

See a previous video about this at

Stay warm and safe!


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  1. This is why I still have my sleeping bag and winter gear in the trunk of my car even with the weather has be getting warmer. Because I travel across 4 states going to work. And yes it is good to be back

    1. Hi Old Guy! Good to see you back! Hope all is well. That is smart to keep emergency gear in the trunk of your car esp since you travel across 4 states. Thanks for the comment.

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