How to Prep for the New Deadly Superbug Candida Auris

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I’ve hearing about this new deadly yeast infection, Candida Auris that I think more people should know about.  It is a deadly health threat that has now spread among many countries such as Spain, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, South Africa, England; and now cases are being reported in Illinois, New York and New Jersey.

What is Candida Auris?

Candida Auris is a type of fungus that causes a severe infection in hospitalized patients.  The CDC is concerned about it because of the following factors that distinguish it from other types of fungus:

  • It is drug-resistant.  The three types of anti-fungal medicines that usually work on other types of fungus infections do not on Candida Auris.
  • It is hard to identify.  Hospitals have to use very specialized lab methods to identify Candida Auris; the usual methods may fail to identify it and lead to misdiagnosis and mistreatment.
  • It spreads in hospitals and nursing homes, in patients that already have weakened immune systems via contact with other patients or from contaminated surfaces.
  • It leads to severe infection and death. About 30%-60% of patients with invasive Candida Auris infection die.

As of this writing, the CDC has updated the case count in the United States to 617.

Who can catch Candida Auris?

It affects people who are already ill from other causes. They typically have had lengthy hospital stays or live in a nursing home. The CDC also indicates that the most vulnerable patients are those who have weakened immune systems such as blood cancers, diabetes, who have tubes inserted in their bodies such as feeding tubes, breathing tubes, vein or bladder catheters, or who receive a lot of antibiotics.

How do you avoid catching Candida Auris?

Take care of your health

The CDC indicates that healthy persons have a very low likelihood or catching C. Auris, since it affects people with compromised immune systems. The usual advice on staying healthy applies here: Eat a balanced diet, get adequate sleep and exercise.

Practice frequent hand-washing

If you visit a family member in a healthcare setting or a nursing home, wash your hands before and after seeing the patient to avoid spreading germs.

Caregivers should also wash their hands frequently especially after contact with the patient or any surfaces.

If you care for a patient who has been exposed to C. Auris, such as dressing an infected wound, the CDC recommends using disposable gloves.

Don’t be shy – speak up

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or in a hospital don’t be afraid to ask the staff whether they’ve had an outbreak of any drug resistant infections. If you notice a healthcare worker has not washed their hands, don’t be afraid to (politely) remind them.

Don’t overuse antibiotics

The rise of drug resistant superbugs is partly due to antibiotic overuse. Using antibiotics when unnecessary lowers the effectiveness of these drugs.

Learn about disinfecting surfaces

Learn the proper way to disinfect surfaces.disinfect surfaces. According to the CDC, choose a disinfectant that works against [Clostridium] difficile. Some of the cleaners they mentioned include:

Stay informed

Information is still emerging about C. Auris and the CDC is monitoring this closely.  If you are concerned about this, particularly if you or a family member has a weakened immune system, speak to your healthcare professional and stay informed. Here is a link to the CDC’s site about Candida Auris.

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Disclaimer:  I am not a healthcare professional; all recommendations are for information purposes only and not to be taken as medical advice.  Do your own research or see your doctor for specifics about Candida Auris if you are concerned. 


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  1. Being married to a herbalist.
    I get to research natural health remedies .
    I noticed in this article not one mention of colloidal silver.
    You know the cure the hospitals use but deny using ;).
    See no virus or fungus can build a tolerance to colloidal silver because colloidal silver engulfs the virus/fungus and smothers it :).
    We make and use our own colloidal silver and it has worked for us even an abscessed tooth .
    Easy to make ,store and use .
    I use 22ppm ,but have some 60-80ppm for a big hit . If someone is already sick or a two day wound before treatment ;).
    Like rattler bites are a protein that destroys your flesh/organs . They say you can put electricity to the wound and it will destroy the venom,protein .
    Have not had to do it . Be a tough one if ya think on it ;).
    Two things that attract rattlesnakes are vibration and heat ,something to know .

    1. Hi Pearler, Thanks for sharing about colloidal silver. I have not personally tried it, but will add it to my list of remedies to try.

    2. Hi Pearler, my wife and i use silver colloid for everything we even add a little bit to washing up liquid!
      We have both had operations in the last couple of years and always make sure that we drink a couple of glasses before the ops to prevent infections! It is known to kill mrsa on contact!
      Another good thing to have is wild oregano oil, excellent antibacterial!

  2. Guess the cdc forgot to mention that candida is latin for yeast and nothing more than nystatin resistant thrush, i cured myself of reoccuring thrush after learning candida thrives at the alkine ph 8.5 and acid with a ph of 5 or less is deadly and gargling pure lime juice which has a ph of 2.5 compketely insantly lethal and in less than 3 minutes completely erradicated the infection. They also should have told you every human body has a small amount of the bacterial spore clostridium difficile that only becomes problem when the not kept in check by the natural gut bacteria that are permantenly erradicated by heavy anti biotic use, and kills 16,000 people in the us annually, has been completelly resistant to all anti biotics since 2012, and now can only be treated by doing a fecal transpant which works only half the time. cdiff is so contagious the hospital puts you under qaurantine and have put on full body biozhard suits before they enter the room. I caugh it back 2011, i battled it and crohns simultaneosly until 2015 when my colon exploded. Aside from hospital’s, public salad bars are the number on place people catch cdiff. Damn you ruby tuesdays with your nepharious garden bar!!!! arse holes are like opions, everybody has one execept for me, and the cdc is one

    1. Hi Zachary, Good to know lime juice worked well for you in curing resistant thrush! Sorry you’ve had to battle these health issues. Thanks for the comment.

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