Apartment Inspection Time – What was that Really About?

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Another note from building management was stuck to our door when I got home today:  “Tenant is hereby informed that your lease and security deposit is hereby transferred to blah blah blah…”    Our building just got sold!

I immediately called the property manager to confirm.  Yes, our apartment just got sold, but building management and everything else stays the same for now.

Now we know the real reason for the second round of inspections.  This was not just a “standard” inspection that was part of the lease, but the new owners and bankers inspecting their upcoming purchase.  I am glad I put up a fuss about letting them in: these people were not our building managers but complete strangers.  They were less than forthcoming about their intentions.

This just proves, trust your gut and keep those preps hidden!

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  1. Agree 100% with Canadian Doomer. People are rarely forthright about their intentions – whether it’s business or personal/friendships.

    Glad you were protective and suspicious, Apartment Prepper. Better safe than sorry. I for one take pride in being very anal about my own home and what’s in it.

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