September 15, 2019

Protect your Kids with a Secret Code Word

This post is by Bernie Carr, I’d love it if you can help support Apartment Prepper on Patreon to help keep this site free. But it’s all up to you, I’ll still post articles as normal whether you do or not ūüôā Now that school is back in session for many families, it’s time to update your emergency contact records at school, update your texting tree, as well as have conversations with your kids about safety. One of the […]

What would You Do if Ebola Were to Spread in Your City?

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still very much in the news. Most news articles keep stressing that it is unlikely to reach the U.S. and downplay any threats. On the other hand, the CDC has released guidelines for hospitals should an infected person were to present himself. New projections estimate that 500,000 may be infected by the end of January. (Note: Since the article was written, the estimates have now been revised to 1.4 million)
Consider for a moment what could happen when a person who appears to have flu-like symptoms but has Ebola were to go the emergency room. […]

5 Summer Survival Threats You Should Look Out For

This post is by Bernie Carr, I love summertime, a chance to kick back and take some time off.¬† Kids are out of school for the summer and the pace has slowed down.¬†¬† The summer also signals a slowdown in preparedness – I know… even blog visits get a bit slower.¬†¬† People go out of town, go on vacation and relax, which is just fine.¬† But summer also has its own share of dangers that are often overlooked in […]

Money Mondays: Will Your Preps Outlive You?

This post is by Bernie Carr, I was having a conversation with one of my elderly neighbors and the subject of downsizing and giving away their survival supplies came up.¬† She felt at her age she preferred to give some of her surplus emergency supplies to a younger family.¬† The conversation reminded me of an article I read a few months ago:¬†¬†Survivalist spent decades stockpiling food then gave it to hungry hurricane victims¬† As you can see from the […]

Worried about Finances?

This post is by Bernie Carr, As I write this, the stock market has just experienced its largest sell-off in history.¬† ¬†The negative sentiment was echoed around the world, and today the market is in for a wild ride, according to market analysts.¬† The experts are saying it due to worries about rising interest rates, inflation, and should stabilize.¬† People can’t help but feel jittery.¬† ¬†Though there is nothing we can do about the markets, we can focus on […]

How to Avoid Germs on a Plane

This post is by Bernie Carr, The cold and flu season is already in full swing, and everyone around me seems to be sick.¬† With so many states hard hit by the flu, air travel may contribute to the spread of germs.¬† Many people are already fearful of flying, and the added threat of picking up germs does not help. Because of close quarters on a plane, it is easy to pick up germs while flying.¬† I am not […]

Preparedness Activities You Can Do during the Holidays

This post is by Bernie Carr, With many people taking a break to enjoy the holidays, prepping takes a back seat to all the hustle and bustle of the season.¬† This is understandable.¬† But there are also opportunities to get a few things done. Discover old recipes and back them up I was looking through my recipe binder while choosing menu items and came across some very old recipes hand-written by friends and family members whom I haven’t seen […]

Is Prepping Stressful?

This post is by Bernie Carr, I meant to write this post last week but I held off until I got a chance to ponder it a bit.¬†¬† I was at work around mid-morning a few days ago when the power went out all of a sudden.¬† First the computers turned off, then the lights and air conditioning shut down and emergency backup lights turned on.¬† It was not weather related as there were no storms in the area […]

How to Prepare for Job Loss

This post is by Bernie Carr, Recently, a large grocery chain closed its store in our area.¬† I spoke with some of the employees and expressed my dismay that they were closing.¬† Although some of the workers managed to transfer to another branch, many were let go.¬† During the same week I found out that My Fit Foods a popular prepared food chain, abruptly closed all their stores nationwide, leaving many employees jobless.¬† I felt bad hearing about people […]

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

This post is by Bernie Carr, Our local news announced that statistics for the number of flu cases has spiked this week.¬† I’m not surprised.¬† I’ve noticed a lot of co-workers coming to work while sick.¬† The most common comment when asked about their condition is, “I’m so miserable, I don’t even know what I have.” How can you tell whether you have a cold or the flu? ¬† (I am not a doctor; so this is not medical […]

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