Are Things Actually Getting Better?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to our Saturday post, where we are discussing good news for a change.

Keeping abreast of current events is normally a good thing – we always want to know what’s going on, so we can plan ahead. If a hurricane is about to hit, I sure would want to know about it, so I can be ready. That’s not what we are talking about here.

If you turn on the news at any given time, chances are you will hear bad news: crime, diseases, violence and social problems. Or, you may get riled up by something you hear about which send you into a spiral of negativity.

Too much constant negativity can affect your outlook in life and lead to feelings of stress and even hopelessness. It’s not good for you!  Negative news can actually distort your thinking according to Psychology Today.

That’s why I found the discussion in this YouTube video interesting. While the media is constantly covering bad news, overall, people’s lives are actually safer, healthier and more prosperous than years’ past.

Does this mean we should all stop prepping?

Not a chance. We make sure we’re prepared to keep our families safe, healthy and comfortable in times of disaster or emergency. Those can and will still happen. It’s good to dwell on the positive for a change so we can be grateful for what we have. God is good and we are thankful for all His blessings.

What do you think? Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? Do you occasionally step back from the news to take a break?


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  1. I confess that I look at the news briefly each day, and only read what I feel will either inform me about an important issue or encourage me in some way. If you believe the mainstream media, we are all going to die of some unusual disease or the planet is going to collapse Wednesday morning, probably due to the actions of some political party or a previously unknown cancerous material found in cotton crew socks. They just go overboard with highlighting tragedy.

    I think prepping is like preparing for the seasons. No sensible person would say “I can’t enjoy a lovely spring day because we know winter is coming.” You just realize that there’s a natural cycle to life and it’s good to be as prepared as you can be for reverses.

    When I was younger, admittedly in a smaller place and in the hopeful environment of JFK’s presidency, the news would report on improvements to life in town, the success of some progressive piece of legislation meant to improve life for all of us, or some social issue that there might actually be a solution to in citizen involvement. They reported the good as well as the ugly. Now it’s a contest for the greatest shock – how horrid and low can they go? Journalism has to accept some responsibility for what it reports, as well as us taking responsibility for improving what we can.

    Use the media for your own purposes, don’t let it use you. We can prepare responsibly just knowing that life has seasons, a beginning and an end, and God has a purpose and a plan for our part in it all. We just have to be as ready as we can when we’re called on.

    1. Hi Aunt Mary, I like the way you look at things, just like the changing seasons we focus on the current one, knowing the next one is coming around the corner. I wish the news were more balanced and objective as in previous times, but that is no longer the case. I appreciate your comment!

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