Assemble a Survival Kit for your Teen’s Locker

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Written by Bernie Carr

With the uncertain times we’ve been experiencing, many parents worry about their kids while school is in session. Now is a good time to consider assembling a survival kit for your child’s locker. I previously wrote about making an emergency backpack for very young children. This time, we will cover an emergency kit for older kids.

What to include in your teens emergency kit

Place everything in a backpack that is easy to carry in case of an emergency or lockdown and store it in your child’s locker.


Since water is essential, store at least three days worth of water for drinking. Water bottles are fine, but throw in a refillable sport water filter bottle or a small water filter.


Pack non-perishable food such as granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, hard candy, cheese, and crackers.

First aid kit

When my son was in high school, he and his friends were running around and one of his friends tripped and skinned his knee. My son had a mini first aid kit and was able to give his friend a band-aid. His friends were impressed he had one, and he was pretty grateful he had a kit ready. Include basic items in a mini first aid kit such as adhesive bandages, wound ointment such as Neosporin, pain relief such as Tylenol. Show them what each item is for and add a basic first aid app in their phone. Include any necessities such as an inhaler if your child has a chronic condition such as asthma.

Small toiletry kit

A small toiletry kit with travel sized items can be useful for everyday emergencies such as forgetting to use deodorant before leaving the house. Include soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, pack of tissues, lip balm, antibacterial gel, feminine hygiene products (as needed). Include an N-95 mask as well.

Extra set of clothes and walking shoes

Add an extra t-shirt, pants, underwear, leggings, light jacket, walking shoes or hiking boots -whatever is comfortable for your child.


In case power goes out, include a mini flashlight with batteries.


Include a whistle so they have something to signal for help if stuck in an out of the way place so rescuers can find them.

Entertainment and comfort

You could include a deck of cards (or other card game that they like), a paperback, pen and paper, a family photo.

Backpack emergency card

Most kids do not memorize phone numbers and if they are unable to access their mobile phone, they will not have any contact information. Include a printed list of emergency contacts that includes your information and other contacts’ addresses and phone numbers as well as out of town emergency contact. You can find a sample here.

Phone charger/ portable battery backup

A portable battery backup and spare fast charging USB cords are needed if power is out and your child needs to recharge his or her mobile phone.


Tuck a $20 bill and a prepaid cash card just in case they need it. Include change so they use the vending machine.


Paracord is always useful, and a small blanket to keep warm.

Have a plan

Keeping supplies is helpful, but you must discuss backup plans in case there is an emergency. Who will pick them up? Do you have a meeting place set up if your home is unsafe?

Hopefully an disaster will never happen while your child is at school. But having a survival kit in their locker as well as emergency plans will give everyone some peace of mind just in case.

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