October 11, 2019

How to Respond to a Mass Casualty Event

Written by: Kayla Matthews As a prepper, you spend a lot of time preparing for any number of world-ending contingencies. Natural disaster, nuclear war, natural or engineered plagues, the zombie apocalypse or any combination of the above might sneak up on you and end the world. You store food and water and learn first aid and other skills that will help you survive when and if the country’s infrastructure collapses. Most people don’t think about mass casualty incidents, or MCIs, […]

Tornado Safety

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com While living in Houston, we occasionally had tornado warnings as severe storms spawn tornadoes. Thank God a tornado has never touched down in our immediate area but we were always on the alert for them. Tornado watch versus tornado warning The National Weather Service typically issues either a tornado watch or warning. Knowing the difference can be a life saver. Tornado watch means a possibility exists that a tornado can happen. Tornado warning […]

Looting and Pillaging after a Disaster

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com As the death toll from Hurricane Dorian continues to rise in the Bahamas, the residents are suffering from widespread chaos. Looting and Pillaging Reports indicate that people are starting to panic as they have no food or water available. It’s bad enough that they have to deal with losing their homes, lack of water or food, they now have to contend with looting.  According to this article from The Daily Mail, “…looters are […]

Wildfires Can Happen Anytime – Are You Prepared?

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com   Yesterday, thousands of people in Maui were asked to evacuate as 3,000 acres burned. The fire was fueled by dry brush. According to the Maui News, “Power outages, along with internet, cellphone and landline service interruptions, occurred during the day due to the fire. Backed-up traffic, closures and blinding clouds of smoke impacted roadways.” Fortunately, the fire is now nearly contained. Even paradise in not immune to wildfires; this is a reminder […]

5 Earthquake Preparedness Tips to Protect Your Home

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I did not feel the July 4th earthquake but I sure felt the one on Friday night, July 6th.  We were not in the immediate area but were close enough to feel it.  This experience reminds us that preparedness is not something we should set aside as disasters can happen at any time.  Don’t wait until another one catch you unaware – try doing these five things right away for your safety and […]

What would You Do if Ebola Were to Spread in Your City?

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still very much in the news. Most news articles keep stressing that it is unlikely to reach the U.S. and downplay any threats. On the other hand, the CDC has released guidelines for hospitals should an infected person were to present himself. New projections estimate that 500,000 may be infected by the end of January. (Note: Since the article was written, the estimates have now been revised to 1.4 million)
Consider for a moment what could happen when a person who appears to have flu-like symptoms but has Ebola were to go the emergency room. […]

What to Do if SHTF in Your City

Editor’s note:  There is no doubt that surviving in an urban area in a major, grid down disaster would present some tough challenges for average people. Today’s guest post about what to do if SHTF in your city illustrates some good points about surviving in any major city if SHTF. Written by Bunker Bob There are many appeals to living in a big city. Cities are centers of commerce, offer the luxury of convenience, and are often the location of […]

Natural Disasters: A Guide For Emergency Preparation

Originally published here on Ammo.com, where you can find all the ammo you need   Every year, nearly 200 million people are impacted by natural disasters, another 99,000 are killed, and over $162 billion a year is spent on the emergency situations they create – a staggering impact that is just the beginning of the far reach of natural disasters. Serious injury, displacement, loss of family, and even the effects PTSD are just a few of the traumatizing results that can be felt long after […]

Supplies that Quickly Sell Out Before a Hurricane

  Written by Jack Billington   A few years ago I found myself on the receiving end of an inbound hurricane, a first for me. I have experienced minor earthquakes, tornados, wildfires, ice storms, blizzards, and a variety of strong storm systems before but this was the first time that I was on an island, with nowhere to go, waiting for a swirling mass of mother nature named Iselle to inflict her damage on us. (We were fortunate, the hurricane […]

Money Mondays: Preparedness Tips to Save Money on Clothing

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I received a great email from reader Linda who brought up an important aspect of preparedness:  clothing.  Well-made clothes can be expensive, yet necessary for survival.  If there is some kind of large-scale collapse, manufacturing and shipping may be interrupted, and clothes will be scarce. During the Great Depression, many people could not afford store-bought clothes and therefore had to make their own.  Many had to trade items for materials or cloth or […]

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