Blog Crossover Monday Question of the Day: How Apartment Prepper got Started

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Today is Day One of Preparedness Blog Crossover Week.  I will be answering a preparedness related question each day for five days, along with a few select blogs listed at the end of this post.

Monday’s Question of the Day:  When did you start prepping and why?

Having grown up in California, we always had a prepackaged “earthquake kit” that contained enough water and food for three days.  The kit also had matches, a flashlight, one roll of toilet paper but that was the extent of it.  For many years, we thought that was adequate.

We started getting serious preparing right after Hurricane Ike, four years ago.  Right before the hurricane, I went to the store to pick up additional supplies.  I saw long lines at the market and only managed to find one pack of toilet paper, with all the bottled water and canned food shelves emptied out.  Soon after the hurricane, the roads were flooded and there were no truck deliveries.  The supermarkets were closed for a couple of days.  When we found one that was open, we found the shelves were empty.  It was a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see realize that if the truck deliveries are interrupted, there won’t be anything to buy even if you had the cash.  You need to have a lot more emergency supplies that just three days worth.  I started researching “preparing for emergencies” in the internet and quickly got overwhelmed.  There were much fewer sites at the time, and all of them were geared to homeowners or people with a farm or retreat who have a lot more room that I do.  I figured people living in a big city, in a small apartment would want to prepare for emergencies as well.  I decided to chronicle what works and what doesn’t work for me,the good, bad or indifferent, and that is how Apartment Prepper was born.

How about you – how did you you become interested in preparing?  Please share how you got started in the comments below.  Be sure to check the following sites participating in this week’s special blog crossover!

The Retreat

ReadyMade Resources is a trusted source for your preparedness supplies:


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  1. Really I started because of a snowstorm. I always go grocery shopping on Friday, my husband wanted me to wait until the next day. Well I went anyway and just I I finished checking out it started snowing. We were snowed in for 3 days. I do live in a house, but you give great advice for anyone.

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