The Importance of Groups and Community in a Collapse

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Today is Day Two of Preparedness Blog Crossover Week.

The Question of the Day:  How critical will groups and community be during a WROL situation? If important, what suggestions do you have for fostering it?

If there were some kind of societal collapse that results in a “WROL” (Without Rule of Law) situation, like-minded people will band together and form groups and help each other.  On one hand, communities may reach out and share knowledge, but unfortunately, on the other side of the coin, criminals may also form gangs and take advantage of the situation.  There is security in numbers, and people will need to work together toward a common goal of safety and survival.  They can also form a barter system to exchange goods and services.

To foster a community, one would have to reach out to others who have common interests.  This is easier said than done.  It is common knowledge that “loose lips sink ships” so you don’t necessarily want to put out an advertisement.  At the same time, people who feel differently about being prepared may also scoff at you and call you an alarmist, or a nut.  If you have family or friends you care about and trust, you can start by with a friendly non-scary conversation about books you’ve read, or TV shows you seen (fiction or non fiction) that cover the subject and gauge their reactions.  If there absolutely no interest, then you may have to wait until they are ready or move on to others.  I admit is part is challenging but worthwhile.

What do you think?  Post in the comments below how you feel about communities during a collapse situation and if you’ve had any success finding other people who are interested in preparing just like you.

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  1. I think shows like Revolution if it catches on will make a lot of people question how they’d want to band together or go it alone. Innocent enough conversations born from tv banter that could lead to real conversations about real situations.

  2. I have been lucky enough to find a great group of like minded people who I regularly train and Prep with. My family thinks I’m a little nuts but they are not 100% against prepping. My folks have agreed to let me store some supplies at thier house.

    If left to thier own devises they would never prep but If I use thier home as a cache it gives them supplies to use and gives me a place to resupply if I need to try and go get them.

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