Book Review Plus Giveaway: Behold, Darkness and Sorrow by Mark Goodwin

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I’ve been listening to the audio version of Mark Goodwin’s latest book, Behold, Darkness and Sorrow Seven Cows Ugly and Gaunt.

What’s the book about?  Hard-working college student Daniel begins to have prophetic dreams.  The dreams are deeply disturbing.  One of the dreams tells of an EMP threat that takes out the electric grid as well as computers.  Such an event would send the country into a horrific grid down disaster.  If he wants to survive, he must get his preparations in order, as soon as possible.

Thoughts about the book  Along with the main character, Alisa, Daniel’s girlfriend and Steven, his best friend are very likable and down to earth.  You can easily imagine them as college kids working at the corner restaurant.  I normally expect a slow build as a story begins, but with this book, I was pulled into the tale from the very beginning.  Mark Goodwin skillfully weaves everyday events with prophecy, a good story line with a good selection of Bible verses.  Throughout the book, you’ll also pick up some great preparedness tips, all the while being entertained by the story.

The characters are easy to relate to, and the events are fast paced but plausible.  It is a wholesome and exciting story; I would not have any issues with 12 or 13 year old kids reading it.   I like the audio version but I am sure the print or electronic version are just as good.  Go get your copy!


Now for the giveaway…  One lucky winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter to win a copy of Behold Darkness and Sorrow.  We’ve made it as easy as possible to enter, with lots of opportunities to win!

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  1. I live in earthquake land (LA) so anything is possible. It doesn’t help to worry however. I could be more prepared and very fortunate to live within walking distance of police and fire stations where I can get help. I have some provisions and continue to work on my bug out bag.

  2. Have the usual items to survive the first die off and save what we are doing for long term survival. Then the homestead kicks in for the long term survival, If this scenario comes to pass we are looking at a long time, if ever, return to what we are accustom to today.

    Stay Safe

  3. I am worried about the threat of an EMP as it would be one of the most destructive events we could face, even if some of the effects have been blown out of proportion (i.e. I’ve read cars will be dead but others say they’ll be fine).
    EMP preparations are mostly what are already do for preps: water, food, getting proficient without using electrical devices to do tasks. I am also trying to make grease candles from kitchen grease so that I have an almost free EMP proof lighting source.

  4. I live just outside Houston. My biggest fear of an EMP event is vehicles no longer working. Getting home for me could be very difficult. I pray that if it should occur, I am home. I have food, water, and supplies ready. Garden is already planted. I am hoping that this never occurs. An EMP or nuclear attack really do scare me. Life altering events.

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