25 Emergency Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

Plastic grocery bags are everywhere.  They can quickly multiply under the sink or in kitchen drawers if you keep hoarding them.   I see a few residents in our building don’t even buy large garbage bags – they just keep all their trash in plastic grocery bags and toss them in trash compactor.  You can even weave or crochet a rug using plastic grocery bag if you are crafty.

Consider keeping a few in your bug out bag and in your car’s glove compartment for emergencies.

Here are 25 Emergency Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

  1. Disposable gloves when handling something unsanitary.  Cover each hand and tie at the wrist.  When you are done, just toss.
  2. Ice bag.  Fill with ice, knot and apply over injury.
  3. Use as a sling.
  4. Tourniquet.
  5. Line trash cans or store trash.
  6. Use as insulation.  Place inside clothes in freezing weather as an extra layer of insulation
  7. Protect your feet.  Plastic bags can be used as sock or boot liners to keep moisture away from your feet.
  8. Protect your knees while gardening.
  9. Keep your backpack from getting wet.
  10. Emergency umbrella
  11. Cover your nose or mouth in a dust storm.
  12. Weave several strips into a rope.
  13. Water container (make sure it doesn’t have any holes)
  14. Stuff several bags into one bag and make a pillow.
  15. Cut into strips and mark your trail.
  16. Protect seedlings from frost.
  17. Wrap around your pipes to keep them from freezing in the winter.
  18. Use as packing material for mailing or packing fragile items.
  19. Clean mist or fog from your windshield.
  20. Use as stuffing for pillows.
  21. If your car is parked out in the snow, wrap plastic bags around your windshield wipers and side mirrors.
  22. Emergency toilet paper if you have nothing else.
  23. Keep shoes separate from the rest of your gear in your bug-out bag
  24. Make-shift diaper when there is nothing else.
  25. Keep a stack in the car in case someone gets car sick and needs to throw up.

Many cities have banned the use of plastic grocery bags.  Shoppers have to bring their own reusable bags, or get charged extra for each bag at the checkout counter.   The main reason is to protect the environment and wildlife.   I do understand these are good reasons; on the other hand, I would likely miss them if they were no longer available.

I am sure there are a lot more emergency uses for plastic grocery bags that are not mentioned on this list.  Please share yours in the comments!

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    1. Excellent John! I hadn’t thought of that. My supply is dwindling since they no longer allow them at the stores here (California).

  1. If you have to use them for fecal material or vomit, check them for holes first. The ones that I get from the grocer frequently have holes in them.

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