Money Mondays: Can a Crisis Like Venezuela’s Happen Here?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

You can’t help but feel bad about the citizens of Venezuela, as they suffer under miserable economic conditions:  People waiting in lines all night and day to buy basic necessities, formerly middle class people having to hunt dogs and cats in their neighborhood for their next meal, with widespread rioting and looting.

But can it happen here?  This post certainly got my attention Coming Destruction? Alan Greenspan Warns “Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next”  It sure is possible; after all, The Great Depression and not to long ago, The Great Recession have both occurred.

Okay let’s say you are not ready to believe it can happen here in our great country.  But if you think about it, a disaster of some sort can easily interrupt the system.  What if trucks can’t reach your area due to a hurricane or flooding?  What if a cyber attack brings down your bank, and you can’t get your own money out?   Regional disasters happen all the time.  Even the President wants everyone to be prepared.  Barack Obama Warns Americans “To Be Prepared For A Disaster”

Indeed, I have witnessed what can happen when people are not able to get what they need or want, even in these normal times.  Check out my close encounter in Up Close Reminder to Continue Prepping.   See what happened when an EBT card failed – Omen of times to come: Lady riots after EBT card fails  People will go nuts!

What you can do now

I am hoping everything continues along as normal, and nothing happens.  But just in case, it is a good idea to implement a few good habits now, while there is time.

  • Build your emergency cash fund by using your skills to earn extra income
  • Go through your unwanted items.  Donate or sell them to make room for supplies that you do need.
  • Don’t go overboard with summer spending.  Set a limit for your vacation budget, meals out and entertainment. and stick to it.  Pay cash for everything.  Using a card makes it easy to overspend.
  • Look at each non-essential bill and decide if you can do without it:  gym memberships, premium movie channels or cable TV, etc.  If you are not using it, consider getting rid of the service (but be mindful of contract terms and penalties.)
  • Learn to cook more meals at home, you will feel healthier by avoiding fast food, and you’ll save money.
  • Cut down on discretionary spending now, and send the extra money to savings.
  • Build good relationships at work and in your industry.
  • Stop incurring new debt, pay down debt if you can.
  • If you are just getting started with your prepping journey, don’t be overwhelmed.  Here’s a good resource to ease you into it:  12 Months of Prepping
  • Stock up on food and supplies while you can.  Here is a good resource for a supply list:  Create a Collapse Supply List
  • Get your checkups, prescriptions, eyeglasses and any elective medical procedures while you have health insurance
  • Start a small garden.  Wishing you had a piece of land won’t help, use whatever space you have right now.
  • Learn survival and self-sufficiency skills now.


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These measures can only help your finances in the long run.  Prepare while you can.

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