Can You Live without Electricity?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

After multiple hurricanes devastated areas in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, many residents have had their electricity interrupted.  Some people are still suffering without power after several weeks, as recovery can be slow.

Threats to the Power Grid

Besides natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and snow storms, there are other threats to the power grid.   In his book, Lights Out, Ted Koppel discusses the threat of cyber-attack and the far reaching effects of such a scenario.   Terrorism, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or a coronal mass ejection (CME) can also bring down the grid.  Puerto Rico, after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, is still reeling with the majority of their residents still without power after several weeks.

How do you Prepare?

Much of our daily life involves using electricity from the time we wake up and turn on the light, make coffee and breakfast, watch the morning news before heading to work.  Not having power can be life threatening for people who are dependent on it for health such as respirators, refrigeration for medicines etc.  In that regard, long term needs would require a generator.  For this article, we are looking at daily needs that we can temporarily substitute.

Consider everything your use electricity for.   You might even consider experiencing being off-grid for a day or two.  To help you prepare, take a look at 15 Questions to Ask Before the Power Goes Out

You will need power for various needs:


Consider various means to light your space such as the Luci Lantern , and other solar powered lights.  If you prefer DIY or cheaper alternatives, see Find Cheap Emergency Lighting before the Next Power Outage


We used our Coleman Camp propane stove at the last power outage; to ensure we don’t run out of fuel, we kept backup propane canisters from Walmart.  Not wanting to give up caffeine, I learned how to brew coffee with no electricity.

This also means you need to have adequate water storage, as much of cooking requires water, and the tap may not run when there is no electricity in town.


Before another power outage happens, put together an emergency entertainment kit that includes board games, puzzles, coloring books etc.

Recharge Your Phone

Have backup methods to charge your mobile phone, including solar chargers.

Cooling Food

I have not found a way to keep food cold during hot summers in Texas without refrigeration, all I can do is learn about foods that may last through a power outage.

Start Planning before anything else happens

Some hardy souls intentionally live without electricity – Backwoods Home Magazine explored this in How Do You Live without Electricity?

We are all very reliant on electricity.    But in answer to the title question – “Can you live without electricity for a month?”  The answer would be yes, with some advance planning.


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    1. Hi Anthony, Good to have backups for lighting, that is something I don’t skimp on either. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Hi Tammy, Me too, I always worry when there is no electricity- so many generations before us never had it, but we are very reliant on it for most needs. Thanks for the comment.

  1. Thick after the hurricane for us was cooking what was in the freezer before it went bad. Then cooking after we ran out of charcoal on the grill. Then we “discovered” our gas grill never stopped when the power went out. Just our electric lighter part didn’t work. Felt foolish not thinking of that for a few days.

    1. Hi Head Geek, Good idea, cooking everything before they go bad. Glad your gas grill continued to work, even though the lighter did not, however now you will remember for the next time power’s out. Thanks for the comment!

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