September 6, 2019

Why Build and Bury a Powerful Communications Cache – Part 1

This Part 1 of the series.  Please click this link for Part 2 By James Walton In the event of a crisis, emergency agencies lean heavily on their communications systems. They begin pooling intelligence to assure they know exactly what is happening and to build a picture of what the future looks like. While you may have qualms about how many government agencies do business, its important to understand that not all things theses agencies do is wrong. Some of […]

Quick Emergency Prep Project: Build a Texting Tree

This post is by Bernie Carr, A few weeks ago, we posted a guest post on having a meeting place in times of emergency, which covered having multiple backup plans in place where your family can congregate.  At the same time, when a disaster occurs, we would also want to reach out to loved ones to communicate our situation or inform them of our next move.  In recent emergencies, it was widely observed that while land lines did not […]