September 7, 2019

FREE Preserve The Harvest Masterclass Preview

This post is by Bernie Carr, Are new to preparedness and you’re trying to stock your pantry but you don’t know where to start? Just head on over to The Preserve The Harvest Masterclass and sign up for the FREE preview of Self Reliant School’s canning and dehydrating classes. Click here to register for FREE—–>Free Preview – Preserve the Harvest Masterclass Here are just a few things they’re going to cover Introduction to canning (how does the process work) […]

Worm Composting in an Apartment

Editor’s note: Before I started my journey of becoming more self-sufficient, I never would have considered trying to compost in an apartment. But since I have tried all sorts of projects I did not think were doable in an apartment such as food dehydrating, soap making and more, I realized the possibilities are endless. Today’s guest post offers some great tips on worm composting. Help the Planet and Your Plants with Worm Composting Written by Brenda Darrah Why Compost? According […]

How to Soften Hard Honey

This post is by Bernie Carr, Honey is a staple for food storage as it has a lot of uses and lasts for a very long time. In fact, jars of honey that were found in Egyptian tombs dating back 3,000 years were still edible.  Of course, a lot depends on the quality and purity of the honey you have stored. Years ago, before I learned about storing and using honey, I found a jar of honey in the […]