Coffee Prices are about to Rise Again

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We have seen coffee along with overall food prices increase over the past year and I had mentioned it last fall (See Food Prices are Going Up  It looks like there is no relief in sight.   Due to a couple of years of bad crops in coffee growing countries such as Columbia and Indonesia, along with the rising demand for coffee in a growing population like China, prices are sure to increase.  Major brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts have already announced the price increases, so the rest of the brands are sure to follow.

This is only one item in a long list of other food prices that keep increasing.  I expect we’ll all have sticker shock when we look at prices six months from now.  I am definitely buying a few extra pounds of coffee now before the next price hike.  Even if you are not a coffee drinker, stock up on various types of food now, especially those with a long shelf life such as rice, sugar, flour and beans, to help offset the high prices later.

Then, take the next step and store your bulk foods for long term storage.  See Survival Food Storage for helpful tips and links to help you store food.


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  1. Some months ago, I bought 24 cans of Folgers coffee on sale at Walmart for $4.00 a can. Now the same coffee is just over $10.00 a can for the exact same product. When I find something on sale that I know I will use, I buy as much as I can afford, or as much as I think I can use. Food prices are going up fast, and I haven’t seen anything coming down so I feel like I should get it while I can.

  2. We have 12 tins of the President’s Choice coffee that we like, plus six 1/2-kg containers of cocoa. I know it’s going to hurt when I have to buy coffee again, but that shouldn’t be for another 10 months or so.

  3. Ugh. Glad I don’t drink coffee (no, seriously – I prefer tea).

    Mrs. Q drinks it, but not a lot (she mostly makes a very small batch, then mixes it with milk and chocolate). I can grow certain tea plants in Oregon, no sweat (kinda nice living in a semi-rainforest).

    FWIW, and speaking of bad addictions, I know that tobacco grows up here pretty well too (my father-in-law used to grow it for fun before he quit smoking).

    May have to look into seeds for both as a prep item… I may not be able to grow a metric ton of food in my little home, but I can certainly grow enough tobacco and tea to barter quite well for post-TEOTWAWKI eats. 🙂

    1. Not my preferred drink but I can drink tea instead of coffee if coffee weren’t around. Mr. Apt Prepper is the tea drinker in the family. Tobacco and tea would be great crops to grow. Try it, I’d like to hear how it turns out.

  4. Interesting, we seem to be sharing the same thought today, we both blogged on food!
    The rising price of coffee has me concerned, since I have a 4 cup a day habit. I tried dandelion tea, and wasn’t impressed, and even IF dandelion coffee ends up tasting good, there still won’t be the boost I’m used to. I’m stocking up now while I can still get a can for $7.00.
    The truth is though that prices are going up, and they won’t go down. That, right there, is the part that hurts. My partner has a saying, “modify and adapt”
    I’ll wash my clothes by hand, but I don’t want to find a substitute for my coffee.

    1. I’m with you, my husband keeps telling me I should just start weaning myself off the 3 cup a day habit. I tried just 1 cup yesterday and had a headache by noon. Not quite ready to find a substitute yet so I am stocking up as well.

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