Do You Have a Plan if a Disaster Occurs While the Kids are at School?

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This post is by Bernie Carr


Just a quick post today… I am sure y’all have been hearing about tropical storm Imelda that has caused massive flooding in Southeast Texas, including Houston.  Many homes are still flooded, a painful reminder of the terrible destruction wreaked by Hurricane Harvey just a couple of years ago.

But there was one story that caught my eye, one that I always warn readers could happen:  students stuck at school for hours after the school day ended due to flooding.  According to, school buses could not navigate the flood waters and had to turn back. The surrounding areas were too flooded for parents to be able to pick up their kids.

Around 200 students stayed in school until late at night until flood waters began to recede and parents could come and pick them up.  Some got picked up around 9:30, but some were had to wait until 11:30 to get picked up.

That’s why you need to make sure kids have an emergency pack at school that includes water, food, mini flashlight, change of clothing, etc. Have a backup contact in case you are unable to leave the office due to a disaster.  Set up a secret code word in case you are sending someone else the kids are unfamiliar with to pick them up. For ideas on making a family disaster plan, see How to Make a Family Disaster Plan.


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  1. This is where the “secret code word” for the kids comes in to play too. If someone is there that can pick them up and knows the “secret code word” the kids know that it is safe to go with them. This also works if you have a group of parents that you trust to pickup kids in a emergence. And you may be picking up there kids. If you have kids going a different schools you may need to work with other parents pick up all the kids in your support group at one school while another parent is picking up all the other kids at that school in your group. also this will help getting the kids safe if you can not make the pick up because you can not get there. and the kids should be at the safest house.

    1. Hi Oldguy, True, this is exactly the situation when the kids may need to use the secret code word if someone else is picking them up. I should link to the password article-thanks for the idea. I appreciate your comment.

      1. I am moving this weekend 4 states away and will be having a knee replacement done. So I will not be able to read your blog for a while. I sure have enjoyed them and they pointed out to me some things I had considered. Thanks for the great reading and great ideas.

        1. Hi Oldguy, I wish you well – good luck on the move and upcoming surgery. Take care and come back and visit when things settle down. Thanks for the readership and insightful comments.

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