Does Makeup Have a Place in your TEOTWAWKI Preps?

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Does Makeup have a place in your TEOTWAWKI preps

This post is by Bernie Carr,

As I got ready for work, putting on lipstick, I got to thinking whether makeup has a place in my preps.  I have some lip balm and lotion in the go-bag, but not much else in terms of adornment.   As it is, my makeup style is on the minimalist side, but I do have some basic items that I keep around:  lipstick, face powder and occasionally, pencil eye liner.  Ladies, you all know there are certain “MUST HAVES.”   Even small tools such as tweezers, razor should be considered, much like the old “What would you bring if you were getting stranded in a desert island?” question.  As for the guys, the women in your life will have their own ideas as well, and let’s face it, this is not something you’ll want to argue about when faced with a bug out situation.

On the other hand, there are so many more essential survival supplies, and with very limited room,  I initially considered doing without cosmetics.

Let’s consider for a moment, a large scale, total disaster type situation:

You don’t need makeup when you are bugging out

One of the first articles I read when I started prepping was on SurvivalBlog, and it talked about how in a widespread, total disaster, grid down situation, you will have to flee looking as inconspicuous as possible.  If you have long hair, you would have to cut it and wear drab and baggy clothes to hide your figure, thus avoiding unwanted attention.  I will admit the article made sense and left a strong impression on me.  At that time, I thought there is no point in keeping any makeup around, unless you want to get yourself killed or worse.

Things will settle down eventually

After reading a lot of survival stories, both fiction and non fiction, I started thinking about the aftermath.  You may be traveling to find a safe place for a while, but eventually, you will reach your destination.  After the period of upheaval, hopefully things will return to some kind of normalcy.  You may find a town to settle in.  At a certain point, women will feel the need to adorn themselves.  There will be social situations such as weddings and other events. Throughout history, during good times and bad, women have found materials to enhance their features:  berries, roots, ground up gems or even ground up bugs for dyes.

Having a small stash of makeup will have its benefits such as:

  • After living through a high stress event, feeling attractive, even for a short while may be a great morale booster.
  • If things return to a “new normal” these products may still be rare or unavailable for a long time, and you will be glad you have a small supply
  • Even if you don’t wear makeup, they will make good barter items.

What would Sarah Connor do?

I always admired the character of Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton in the movie Terminator.  She was strong, resourceful and knew her way around weapons.  Even as she faced the end of her world as she knew it, Sarah Connor had a hint of color on her cheeks and a shine on her smile.  So I think I will at least keep some extra tubes of lipstick.  In addition to a bright smile, lipstick can also be used to add color to your cheeks, making it multipurpose.  And if all else fails, you can use it as fire starter.


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  1. Absolutely!

    If makeup brings a personal satisfaction, the small space required for a few odds and ends is justified. Even astronauts have an allowance for personal items and frankly, I cannot think of anything more hazardous than a vacuum.

    Personal “security blanket” type items can provide a mental break and morale boost when the going gets tough-no less than a bible, a pack of gummi bears (my personal favorite), or a journal to record your thoughts.

    1. Hi Bob S I have the other ones you mentioned, but now I need to add gummi bears (Costco has good ones!) to the list 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  2. oh thank god im not the only one. I think whether you use it on a daily basis or for a special occasion from a psychological point of view having a small amount of makeup is an essential addition to a woman’s preps/ bug out bag. You only have to look at world war two people would give their eye teeth for a lipstick and some rouge.

    1. Hi Lisaloolibell, So true, even during war time, women have craved lipstick and rouge, so why not keep some around just in case! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Well, I wear minerals and they have sunscreen which is great and are a healthier alt for my skin sooooo….. I have set some aside and who really knows how this will all play out so if I need it, it’s there and if not, that’s ok too. I like to have my skin protected.

    1. Hi Clarissa, Protecting your skin is important, not to mention healthy. Those minerals with sunscreen are double purpose and good to have around.

  4. Early on when I first started writing my blog, I indicated that I had both lipstick and small spritzer of perfume in my bug out bag. My oh my did I take a l lot of flak for that.

    Now unlike you, I am more a full makeup type of gal and even though I work out of my home, I do the whole routine every day, even when I am not going to venture out of the house. For some people, makeup serves as a pick me up much like shopping does it for others (not me). Personally, I would prefer a tube of lipstick over a chocolate bar LOL.

    I totally agree with Bob S. when he says if makeup brings you personal satisfaction, go for it. Under chaotic conditions, we need to do everything possible to bring a sense of harmony to our personal being. If makeup (or chocolate or gummi bears) do it, that what harm is there?

    Great article, Bernie. This is something that needs to be said.


    1. Hi Gaye, As you may have noticed, I struggled with this topic, as the items may be perceived as frivolous, and unnecessary for survival. However, the morale boost you get may just be what you need to keep going in a stressful situation. Good for you, doing the whole routine daily, that is a good habit to have. We all have our minimum items, for me it’s lipstick, even when I’m by myself at home. I think I may add a small spritzer of perfume to the stash as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Good point to bring up! I’m also a huge mineral make up fan and while I have quite a collection of make up, my “essentials” are in one little bag (including other sun protection products, mosquito/bug bite relief, etc) that I would categorize as part of my toiletries and definitely would bring along.

    And now I’m craving gummy worms (thanks Bob!).

    1. Hi Jessica, You’ll be glad to have that collection around when the time comes-keep it stocked up. Thanks for the comment!

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