Easy Projects You Can Do with Your Kids While Schools are Closed

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

A lot of parents are likely wondering how to keep their kids busy while schools are closed for several weeks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They may still be taking their classes online, but there is additional downtime since they are spending more time at home instead of school.

Why not do some easy DIY projects with them? Here are a few ideas that:

  • Don’t cost a lot of money
  • Don’t need a lot of ingredients or materials
  • Do not take a lot of time

Christmas cards

Get a headstart for this year’s Christmas cards – you’ll keep them busy and save some cash since you don’t need to buy cards.

You can make gift wrap by straitening out plain paper (such as filler paper from shipping boxes) and stamping or decorating them with festive designs.

Try to use materials you already have at home.

Toilet paper roll crafts

Every household has toilet paper rolls – start saving them and make some crafts.  Click here for some ideas.

Plant a garden

Kids love seeing plants grow from seeds. You can start a garden with very little money. All you need are seeds, garden soil, empty egg cartons or yogurt containers.  Order seeds and gardening materials online so you don’t need to visit a store-click below:

You can also grow plants from scraps.

Cook together

Kids love to watch you in action. Why not make something special together – bake cookies, cakes or bread.

Play dress-up and do a photo shoot

Dig up some old clothes and play dress-up. They can choose outfits to try on, even if the clothes are too big for them, it’s still a lot of fun. Have them strike a pose and do a photo shoot. Use a free software program and create exotic backgrounds for the photos.

You can even use the ones you like for photo cards (see idea #1).

Each of these activities are fun, productive and ease boredom.  You’ll also create some fun memories during an otherwise stressful time.


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