Emergency Essentials Baking Mix Issue Resolution and a Few Updates

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I wanted to give you an update on what the Emergency Essentials baking mix issue that I told you about.

I sent an email to Customer Service confirming their policy about baking mixes activating prematurely and got a response.  It turns out, the issue was just an isolated one, where a few batches of baking mixes got activated and puffed up when there was a slight change in temperature.  Because these are long term storage items, this should not have happened.  They offered a full refund, store credit or a replacement.  I asked if my other baking mixes were at risk and was told that this is not likely.   Emergency Essentials long term storage products should normally last 20-30 years, according to this article Shelf Life. 

Since I am likely to order a few more cans, I took the store credit which they were happy to issue.  I am pleased with the outcome and am happy to know that Emergency Essentials stands by their products.

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