“Falling Skies” is Off to a Good Start

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We watched the premier episode of a new show on TNT, “Falling Skies.”  The show begins six months after a devastating alien invasion that leaves most of the earth in ruins.   The series follows a group of survivors who try to find a way to fight the invaders.  The main character, played by Noah Wyle is a former history professor who lost his wife when the aliens attacked.  He must protect his two sons, while searching for the other one who was captured by the aliens. His knowledge of military history proves to be an asset in the war with the aliens.

The surviving humans are now trying to cope with surviving day to day, always searching for food and water, while constantly being attacked by the aliens.

The aliens, have advanced weaponry and are quite fearsome:  “Skitters” are spider like creatures that are fast and agile, and “Mech” are large and robotic.  They have enslaved many human children by attaching a shell like contraption to their bodies that kills when removed.

I thought the premier episode was pretty realistic, as far as how the survivors are coping with their new reality.  There is only one doctor, a pediatrician, who must care for an entire community.   Even young teens are forced to fight, while the rest of the community pitch in with daily chores.  The first episode was pretty action packed and had great special effects.  But there was also enough of a good story to keep me entertained.

I look forward to the coming episodes.

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  1. I enjoyed it very much. Tonight I’ll watch it if I can stay up that late, and I have our satellite receiver programed to tape it in case I fall asleep. Looks like a very good series and I hope it makes it through more than one season. I had a good time looking at the weapons, trying to identify older ones. Saw some M-1 Garands, some hunting rifles, and some I couldn’t see well enough to be certain of.

  2. I hope people pick up on the not-so-subtle message that we can learn from history. It doesn’t seem to be our strong point.

    1. Being able to learn from history seems to be one of the running themes of Falling Skies. You’re right though, seems we haven’t learned enough.

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