A Nifty Item to Help Beat the Summer Heat: Kafka Kool Tie

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Apt Prepper husband found this item called Kafka Kool Tie at a camping website:  They are scarves that contain crystals that absorb water and puff up when you wet them.  Once they are wet, you wear them around your neck and the scarf can cool you off for hours.

They can also ease headaches and help with high blood pressure.  It sounded good so we went and bought a few at the local REI.    I have no association with Kool Ties or REI, the scarves just worked really well when we tried them.

Temperatures have been running around 95-97 in our area which makes it difficult to exercise outdoors.  Even taking walks can be too exhausting.  So any item that can keep you cool for an extended period is great to have around.

Kool Tie on the dog
We let the dog try the Kool Tie too 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have lived in Houston for a year and I know how oppresive it gets there. HOT! My husband and I have fibromyalgia and work outdoors for work and it can get really hot so this is great to know and we have an REI down the street from us. Thanks for sharing! Stay cool!

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