Find Extra Cash by Reviewing Your Bills

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We want to add to our preparedness fund, but the budget is tight.  So we are reviewing every bill to see if we can either lower or eliminate them altogether.  One bill that got a lot of scrutiny was the bundled cable/internet/phone bill.

One reason we went with one provider was the “bundled” plan offered a hefty introductory discount.  After one year, the monthly bill went to the regular price.

As a result of our line by line scrutiny, we decided to cut out the phone service.  We looked at the minutes used for a few months.  It turned out we did not use the home phone that much, and instead used the cell phone for most calls.  Total saved:  $33.

We decided to keep a few cable channels (we don’t have premium channels) as this is a source of entertainment, and we do not go to movies a lot.  We reviewed the channels that we do get, eliminated a few channels and saved $20.

The most interesting part was the internet bill.  After comparing our bill with the posted rates on the company’s website, we realized we were being overcharged $10 per month because the company was charging us for a higher bandwidth than what we actually had.  Amount saved on the internet bill:  $10.

Total saved:  $63 per month.  Now the company owes us several months worth of credit on the internet service for overcharging us.

So if you are looking for extra cash, it may be worth your while to check every bill you get for accuracy, and review your expenses to see if you can eliminate some of them.

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  1. Good thinking!
    When we got into a tight spot the first thing to be cut was the cellphone. I miss it, to be sure, but I would miss my internet WAY more. All of us use our computers and the internet as our entertainment, so I hear what you’re saying about not going to the movies.
    One of the other things we’re doing is looking hard at our grocery bill. Do we need a bottle of pop/soda every day? If we can make bread at home, can we cut $3 out of our grocery budget, nearly every day? (As a perk, by making bread at home, I’m more sure what we’re eating)
    I write freelance, so any piece, fiction or non, that I sell, that money goes toward prepping and moving too.

    There’s a bunch of ways we can add to our prepping budget; thanks for getting us thinking!

  2. I completely agree about looking at your bill. Another thing to realize is that you should shop around. The last time I looked at our bundled package, I compared the services offered with the specials from other companies. I called my current company and said here is what another company has offered me, what can you do so I stay– which I would rather do? They offered me the exact same price as the sales price– but I didn’t have to take the time off to switch over. Definitely a win! 🙂

  3. Good idea and I am overdue at looking at the very same things.

    Our local internet/cable/phone provider has no competition – or very little. I am seriously looking at going to satellite TV. I am also looking at switching from AT&T cell phone service to Boost mobile – decent savings there as long as I can get signal at my compound.

    Thanks for the post –


  4. We got rid of 2 cellphones, satellite so NO TV, no eating out, no movies or entertainment. Just had to cut back as we cannot afford it. Missed Tv for a few days , now won’t watch it if I can.You can find ways if you try. 🙂

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