How to Build an Emergency Food Supply

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Today’s infographic gives some helpful hints on building your emergency food supply


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  1. Good advise I would add some “ship bread” to the list. This is the commercial name you will find hardtack sold under. Keep this dry and away form bugs it will keep for years. May not be the most flavorful bread/cracker but it is eatable.
    When you are looking at prepackaged kits check the calorie amount closely many kits are very short on calories. and have a lot of filler items. That is why I mostly have built my supplies up on my own. Shop when things are on sale and buy what you and your family will eat. This is expressly true for small children. Have foods that they are use to eating and enjoy. This will help with the stress factor.
    Take the family camping and cook out and try the foods you are storing away. Some time the foods are a real pain to cook over a camp fire. So this is a good time to practice and find out. Also you will learn what it is like with out a refrigerator for keeping and storing food. This may change what you want to buy.

    1. Hi Oldguy, This is good advise. I found out quickly when we started camping cooking over a fire is so different, But it’s a good opportunity to test out stored food like freeze dried or dehydrated food. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Hi Ted, Agree – 20 items not enough, this is more for beginners who are just getting started. So better than none at all but it’s just a start. Thanks for the comment!

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