How to Make a Bacon Grease Emergency Candle

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I made a Bacon Grease Candle based on the instructions found in Willow Haven Outdoor.  

After all, bacon is my favorite breakfast food.  I’ve made other lamps before, and I wanted to see how if this one would work.

You will need

Bacon grease   (If you don’t have bacon grease, lard, tallow or Crisco should work just as well.)

String (I used a tampon string, but you can use other types such as cotton twine or mop fibers)

Baby food jar or any type of small glass container


Lighter or match


1.  Cook bacon as normal, either by frying or placing in the oven.  Remove the bacon and leave the grease alone until it is cooler, but not solidified.

2.  Place the string in the glass container.

3.  Pour the grease into the container.   I did not strain the grease; the bacon bits do not interfere with the lamp. Don’t let the string sink in the grease!

4.  Suspend the string using a toothpick.  I inserted the toothpick into the strands of the string and lay it across the mouth of the jar.

4.  Leave the lamp alone for a few hours until the bacon grease solidifies.  Remove the toothpick.

5.  Light the lamp.


Because the weather was cool, the grease stayed solid for a long time.   I did not see the grease melt all the way through; it stayed solid.  (Warning:  Your results may vary-do not leave this lamp or any other homemade lamp unattended; keep out of reach of children and pets etc..)

This was a really easy project and it worked really well.  See the YouTube video here:  


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  1. this is similar to what was know as a ‘Betty Lamp’. is a Betty Lamp there is a shallow metal dish and a lip for the wick to lay in. you would pour the fat/grease in the dish so the wick was soaked. Than light the wick.

    1. Hey oldguy, I had never heard of the Betty Lamp, but now that you have described it, it does sound very similar. We learn something every day! Thanks for the comment.

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