Worried about Finances?

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

As I write this, the stock market has just experienced its largest sell-off in history.   The negative sentiment was echoed around the world, and today the market is in for a wild ride, according to market analysts.  The experts are saying it due to worries about rising interest rates, inflation, and should stabilize.  People can’t help but feel jittery.   Though there is nothing we can do about the markets, we can focus on things we can control:  our own finances.  Instead of fretting, why not take some simple steps now to “recession-proof” your finances?


  • Cut down on expenses.   Even if you think you’ve already cut down, check again. 
  • If you have funds in the stock market, review your asset allocation and consult your financial advisor on the best mix of investments for your personal situation.
  • Stop getting into more debt, and pay down your balances.
  • Pick up some new skills to help you save money.  YouTube is a great resource to learn.
  • If you are employed, make an extra effort to be noticed as a valuable worker.
  • Learn some new skills that would make you more marketable.  OR, learn some new skills you can use to have a mini side business.
  • Save money and build up your emergency fund.
  • Start your stockpile of food, water, and essential supplies.  Include special dietary needs and pet foods as well.  Don’t neglect comfort foods like chocolate, wine or beer (if you like these); they are good for morale.
  • Start a garden and grow vegetables, herbs that your family will use.
  • Brainstorm on ways you can raise funds to build savings or increase your income:  get together hold a neighborhood garage sale, sell stuff on E-bay or Craigslist, use your skills or hobbies to make extra cash.
  • Take care of your health; get your health and dental check-ups, fill your prescriptions.
  • If you are new to frugal living, there are a lot of resources available:  Go to the library and check out books in the personal finance or thrift section. Or, if you feel you have to start right this minute, head over to Amazon and get Donna Freedman’s Your Playbook for Tough Times (only $7.99 on Kindle), the classic Tightwad Gazette and subscribe to Daisy Luther’s monthly Cheapskate Guide to the Galaxy.


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If you plan well, you will weather any storm that comes your way.


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  1. Inflation would make a big dent on all our finances esp if you are on a fixed income. But like Dan said, your run a very popular blog, and could potentially grow the blog to become profitable. Every little bit helps, so it may be something to consider.

  2. I’m with you there, Matt, as long as the minimums are paid, the rest can be used to stock up on emergency supplies.

  3. Hey Dan, Garage sales can be tough to do, but if there is a lot of unused stuff can indeed be profitable. If I were to have one, I’d have to join up with a homeowner, as my apt building does not allow garage sales. But joining up with some people can be beneficial as well as more stuff=more foot traffic to your garage sale.

    I had not heard of the CRUSH IT book, I may have to order it as well. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hey millenniumfly I wasn’t wild about PM either (before) but these days they seem safer than many investments out there, if only for the fact you can actually hold on to them instead of a piece of paper. Of course tangible assets like food and emergency stockpiles are a great hedge as well.

  5. A Prepared Mom, I see that as well, jobs have not given any raises, but the cost of living keeps going up. At the same time, with so many other people are unemployed, employers know this and just keep piling on more work. Shopping wisely, having a good stockpile and being prepared for anything are things can all do to cope this time of uncertainty. Thanks for the comment!!

  6. Hey Carolyn, I agree, big business gets away with a lot, and most of this is really out of our hands. The workings of the economy, what government is doing to deal with it, to a large degree is not within our control other than who we support or vote for. I try to mostly deal with or discuss things we have control over, such as our own habits, activities etc. That’s all we can do to cope at this point. Thanks for the comment!

  7. get rid of the cable bill and cut down on the phone bill too! Stop down loading music and games. Use the library check out some good reads and check out the skills books too.
    Shop for food items that you use on sale and at the bulk discount stores. I like to buy laundry detergent and dish shop when I have coupons and they are on sale these item keep well. Use a food saver vacuum packet to break down the bulk meet packs and store the in the freezer with out freezer burn. You can also break down the bulk pack of other foods and vacuum pack them for storage.

    1. Hi oldguy, You gave a lot of great money saving ideas. The vacuum sealer really works for making meats bought on sale to last a lot longer. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. I told my kids you need to get a deposit in on a house and then live like a monk for 6 to 8 years and pay it off. When I say live like a monk, I mean frugal and just what you need while focusing more on inner and physical self. Its at this stage we build bonds with family and friends. One can get creative and rent garage space or trailer parking space to get that extra mortgage payment. Once that property is paid off, all thats left are your basic bills and life suddenly becomes cake, even on low income.
    When I worked out my yearly expenses of insurance, gas, elec, the other gas, etc, it works out to be about 800 a month, with a little tinkering i got it down to 650 a month. This excludes food, clothing and other sundry items but i think you can see where im going with this. its not hard, its just that nobody teaches it in school.
    In addition, after your property is paid off, and you have an idea of how the process works, you can use the value of your home to put a down on another property, put in renters and get that one paid off in half the time. and so on
    Banks are desperate to keep people on lifetime mortgages, you gotta be debt free.

    1. Hi gdebolt, You were wise to do it that way, pay off your mortgage right away. That is really the smart way to do it and avoid getting into debt for temporary enjoyment. I hope your kids listen to your sound advice. Thanks for the comment!

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